How To Defeat Regent (Treasure Demon) In Persona 5 Royal

Regent is the new unusable persona introduced in Persona 5 Royal as a Treasure Demon. Defeating and adding these Treasure Demons to your party seems useless since you cannot use them in a battle. But this doesn’t make these demons completely useless. This guide will help you learn how to capture and use the Treasure Demon Regent in Persona 5 Royal.

How to capture Regent in Persona 5

You can find the Regent in Madarame’s Palace. The Treasure Demon for Regent is the Regent Diamond. The diamond is named after the French Regent Philippe II, who bought it in 1717.

Regent is a mighty shadow that infests the diamond and is the first Treasure Demon you encounter in the game. To get Regent to join your party, you need to defeat Regent and then negotiate with it, prompting it to join your party as long as your level is equal to or higher than Regent.

Regent is a level 10 enemy in Persona 5 Royal and belongs to Emperor Arcana. Regent’s weaknesses are Psychic and Nuclear attacks. Bringing any shadow infused with Psychic and Nuclear attacks, you can easily knock out Regent.

Regent is strong against Electric, Fire, Ice, Physical and Wind attacks, so avoiding bringing these personas is best. Regent can completely block Bless and Curse attacks, making these attack types useless against Regent in Persona 5.

Treasure Demons like Regent might disappear after their turn, and you won’t be able to hit them, making it crucial that you capitalize on any attack you can get. Always try to land your most vigorous attack every turn, and focus on hitting Regent’s weaknesses.


You can try using a Treasure Trap Infiltration Tool to make sure you get to fight Regent longer without the demon disappearing. Defeating Regent gets you 300 XP and 5,000 Yen as a reward, along with Regent joining your party.

How to use Regent

At the start of this guide, we said that Regent is an unusable persona, so why would you want it? Treasure Demons are useless as personas, and you cannot use them to fight other enemies. But these are used for fusion and upgrading your different personas.

Once you have Regent in your party, you can return to Igor in Velvet Room to fuse your Treasure Demon with the personas you use in fights. This, in turn, will upgrade your main persona and make them stronger in Persona 5 Royal.

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