Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Treasure Of The Gerudo Desert Walkthrough

Scour the West Gerudo Underground Ruins to unearth the Treasure of the Gerudo Desert.

Treasure of the Gerudo Desert is a small side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will help you obtain a legendary reward. As a reward for your heroic efforts to save the Gerudo Region from destruction, Riju will hint at a location that holds this legendary treasure.

While Treasure of the Gerudo desert is a relatively easy quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the absence of any marker can confuse it. In this guide, we will help you locate the hidden cave and collect a mask (the treasure) that homages the previous Zelda entry.

Talk to Riju in the Throne Room

Treasure of the Gerudo Desert side quest can be started by talking to Riju inside the throne room (-3886, -2965, 0051). This is only possible after you complete Riju of Gerudo Town’s main quest.

Riju will only appear inside her throne after you complete the Lightning Temple and solve the Regional Phenomena quest of the Gerudo Region. Upon talking to Riju, she will give you the following hint.

See out the swordswoman upon the sand and look where she points. There is a treasure waiting underground.” This will start the Treasure of the Gerudo Desert side quest.

Find the West Gerudo Underground Ruins in the Gerudo Desert

The treasure of the Gerudo Desert is hidden inside the West Gerudo Underground Ruins, marked as a massive skeleton on the map. There are two ways to reach this cave. You can either follow the direction pointed by the Swordswoman statue across the Gerudo Desert (just like the ones in the depths) or simply follow our guide to find the cave instantly.

Fast travel to Soryotanog Shrine on top of the Gerudo Town. This will give you enough elevation to glide and cover a large distance without touching the ground.


Purchase and equip the Desert Voe armor to survive the scorching heat of the Gerudo Desert.

Start gliding west and use Tulin’s Gust ability to go as far as possible. The said cave is inside the West Gerudo Underground Ruins. These ruins are marked by Skeleton Shape on the map and are Northwest of the Gerudo Town.


You can fast travel to Kudanisar Shrine to cover half the distance immediately.

Once you reach the ruins (-4649, -1982, 0038), you can kill the Shock-Like enemy at their entrance to obtain a Gerudo Shield. It can be used to craft the Scimitar of the Seven.

Use Bomb Arrows (Arrows + Bomb Flower) or Rock Hammer to break the boulders in the ground to make an opening (-4671, -1977, 0024).

Find Vah Noboris Helm in West Gerudo Underground Ruins

Drop down the hole to enter the West Gerudo Underground Ruins. Go straight and down the stairs until you reach a massive hall surrounded by boulders.

Only break the Boulders to your right. Ignore the rest. You will need a lot of Bomb Arrows or Rock Hammers for this purpose. We recommend unlocking Yunobo’s Charge ability for this purpose.

Keep breaking the walls until you reach a barred jail door. Destroy the wall to its right to locate another Swordswoman statue pointing forward.


While inside the cave, kill the Bubbul Frog to obtain a Bubbul Gem.

Follow the path and break another wall to finally locate the treasure chest on an altar (-4672, -2089, 0000).

Quest Reward

Open the treasure chest to obtain Vah Naboris Divine Helm. This legendary item provides resistance against shock and grants +2 Armor.


If you find Vah Noboris Helm without talking to Riju first, this won’t complete the quest. It is not a bug. Talk to Riju after acquiring the helm to complete the quest.

Return to the Gerudo Town and talk to Riju in her throne room to complete the Treasure of the Gerudo Desert quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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