Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Kudanisar Shrine Guide

Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are far more challenging and interesting than its predecessor. Zelda TotK Kudanisar Shrine wants you to think and act fast before losing something important. Kudanisar is a puzzle shrine that requires extensive knowledge and the use of both Ultrahand and Ascend abilities. As always, you will be able to find everything in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Kudanisar Shrine and complete it in no time by following this guide.

How to find Zelda TotK Kudanisar Shrine

Kudanisar shrine is in Gerudo Desert of Zelda TotK. The exact location of the shrine is marked on the map above, and it is to the North of Gerudo Town. Kudanisar Shrine is on a stone platform surrounded by quicksand. The Kudanisar shrine is protected by Elite Construct soldiers, so we recommend carrying a lot of health recovery and stamina refilling items.

Trying to walk in the quicksand drains Link’s stamina rapidly resulting in him slipping down. Use the pillars surrounding the Kudanisar shrine to safely make your way to its entrance.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Kudanisar Shrine walkthrough

As soon as Link descends into the Kudanisar shrine, he is greeted by Rauru’s voice and is presented with “Bridging the Sands” puzzle. The objective of this puzzle is to move through the quicksand using wooden planks to reach the altar room. But this is easier said than done. There is a contraption at the end of the quicksand path that can seriously hurt Link.

The first sequence is straightforward. Wooden planks in this area are placed at regular intervals and move at a normal speed. Simply move from one plank to the next until you reach the next platform safely. Or you can use Ultrahand to create a longer plank to traverse this area with ease.

tears of the kingdom bridging the sands

The next part is a bit tricky. Take the wooden plank, turn it into an inclined shape, and place it along the railing. The quicksand will make the plank move toward the contraption, so you need to be fast. Use the plank to climb into the next area.


The next area of Kudanisar shrine in Zelda TotK contains the altar room and a receptacle where a glowing orb can be placed. Stand on the switch for a glowing orb to drop down. This glowing orb will be thrown to the opposite side of the area by a moving boulder. The next task for Link is to bring the glowing orb back to this location.

Drop down from the altar on a platform with two boat constructs. These pre-made boats don’t need any Zonai charge and can be used indefinitely. Drive the boat first to your left where a treasure chest is hanging from the wall. Take out your bow and break the rope. You need to hurry, or the treasure chest will be lost. Use Ultrahand to bring it on the platform. Open it to obtain 10x Arrows.

Now go to a pillar on the right side of the room with another treasure chest. Park your boat behind the pillar to prevent it from going along with the quicksand. Use the wooden plank here to climb the pillar and kill the Ancient Construct Soldier. Open the treasure chest to obtain Hasty Elixir. Use the boat to make your way to the farthest side of the room.

tears of the kingdom kudanisar shrine chest

Go to the left side of the locked room, where you can find another boat construct, and place your boat alongside the wall of the room. Use the Ascend ability to reach the grated platform above you. Kill both Soldier constructs and drop down into the room.

Before you open the locked gate, pick up the glowing orb and attach it to a boat construct using Ultrahand. Now open the door by pressing the switch and get on your boat. Use it to reach the platform with lots of wooden plants just beneath the altar room.

Combine three planks using Ultrahand ability and place them at an angle to make a bridge (as shown in the picture). Detach the glowing orb from the boat construct and carry it to the receptacle. This will open the altar room door in this area.

zelda tears of the kingdom kudanisar shrine

Interact with the statue of Rauru and his wife on the altar to obtain the Light of Blessing. This will complete the “Bridging the Sands” puzzle and Kudanisar shrine in Zelda TotK.