Where to Find Zelda: Breath of the Wild Kilton Monster Parts Merchant

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Kilton monster parts merchant location, what monster parts you can buy and items he holds to sell it and what do they cost.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Kilton the Monster Parts Merchant guide will help players in tracking down this guy as well as listing the items he has for sale so players can make up their mind about what to buy beforehand and collect monster parts accordingly.

In Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Kilton the Monster Parts merchant sells unique, monster-themed merchandise in exchange for monster parts. Since he is a secret vendor, finding him can be a bit tricky and players must first leave the Great Plateau before they can track him down.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Kilton the Monster Parts Merchant

Kilton only appears at night and to find him the very first time, players need to venture into the Deep Akkala part of the map, northeastern region. Once players unlock the Akkala Tower, they can proceed to the large skull shaped lake in the region where Kilton will be on the island which resembles the left eye of the skill, opposite a shrine.

Once players talk to him at this location, he will inform them that he is ready to open his shop and then lists the possible places where he will set up shop, only to disappear from this area after the conversation. He is easy to spot thanks to the large balloon backpack he carries around.

After the conversation, players can find him Kilton at night time on the outskirts of the following towns and villages:

Kilton introduces a new currency system in the game, Mon, which can be collected by trading monster parts with Kilton. The more rare a monster part is, the higher will be the exchange value with Mon. This allows players to buy unique monster-themed armor and equipment which are exclusive to this vendor.


Below is a list of all the monster parts which can be traded with Kilton and their exchange price:

  • Octo Balloon: 1 Mon
  • Moblin Horn, Keese Wing, Ancient Screw, Monster Extract: 2 Mon
  • Bokoblin Horn, Chuchu Jelly: 3 Mon
  • Bokoblin Fang, Lizalfos Horn, White Chuchu Jelly, Red Chuchu Jelly, Yellow Chuchu Jelly, Octorok Tentacle, Ancient Spring: 5 Mon
  • Moblin Fang, Fire Keese Wing, Electric Keese Wing: 6 Mon
  • Lizalfos Talon: 8 Mon
  • Bokoblin Guts, Keese Eyeball, Ancient Gear: 10 Mon
  • Moblin Guts, Lizalfos Tail: 12 Mon
  • Octorok Eyeball: 13 Mon
  • Molduga Fin, Hinox Toenai: 15 Mon
  • Icy Lizalfos Tail, Red Lizalfos Tail, Yellow Lizalfos Tail: 16 Mon
  • Hinox Tooth: 18 Mon
  • Lynel Horn, Ancient Shaft: 20 Mon
  • Lynel Hoof: 30 Mon
  • Hinox Guts, Ancient Core: 40 Mon
  • Dragon’s Scale: 60 Mon
  • Lynel Guts, Giant Ancient Core: 100 Mon
  • Shard of Dragon’s Fang: 110 Mon
  • Shard of Dragon’s Horn: 150 Mon

These mons allow players to buy items such as masks which fool specific enemies into thinking you are one of them and thus avoid fights. However, some of the items also have other requirements besides Mon and players must free a specific number of Divine Beast before they can purchase the items.

Monster Extract: costs 9 Mon

Wooden Mop: costs 9 Mon

Bokoblin Mask: 99 Mon

Spring Loaded Hammer: costs 199 Mon and players must have freed one Divine Beast

Moblin Mask: 199 Mon and one Divine Beast

Lizalfos Mask: 299 Mon and two Divine Beasts

Lynel Mask: 999 Mon and 3 Divine Beasts

Monster Bridle: 399 Mon, two Divine Beasts

Monster Saddle: 299 Mon, two Divine Beasts

Dark Hood: 1,999 Mon and players must have cleared all Divine Beasts

Dark Tunic: 999 Mon and all Divine Beasts

Dark Trousers: 999 Mon and all Divine Beasts

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