V Rising Merchants Locations, Trader Routes, and How to Trade

This guide will discuss the locations of these Merchants and information about Silver Coins and How to Trade in V Rising.

The Merchants in V Rising have a wide variety of items available for trade. You can buy items like gem stones, cosmetics, potions, and rare seeds from them in exchange for some Silver or Silver Coins. This guide will discuss the locations of these Merchants and information about Silver Coins and How to Trade in V Rising.

V Rising Merchants Locations

Traders are NPC Merchants in V Rising that provide you with useful items in exchange for a particular number of Silver Coins.

However, suppose you’re looking forward to buying any items from these Merchants. In that case, you must first transform into your human form, considering how humans fear vampires in V Rising and will not interact with you anytime soon if you’re found in your vampire form.

This can be said for every human character in the game, even Traders.

Once you’ve shifted to your human form and found some silver coins, it’s time to find some Merchants. As of now, since V Rising is an Early Access game, you can only find three Merchants. These three Merchants are Berk the Traveling Trader, Ottar the Merchant and Gavyn the Shady Dealer.

Aside from Ottar, the Merchants in V Rising tend to travel around in their area as opposed to staying in one designated spot. This makes finding the Merchants a bit of a tricky task.


Before we dive into their exact Trader Routes, take a look at the map image below to get an idea of the general location of the three Merchants.

Berk Locations (Inventory)

The first Merchant is a traveling trader called Berk, and he’s found near Dawnbreak Village (Dunley Farmlands). Once you interact with him, he provides you with the following items:

Berk Inventory

Once you interact with him, he provides you with the following items:

  • Bear head (300 Silver)
  • Deer head (300 Silver)
  • Wolf Head (300 Silver)
  • Regular Amethyst (24 Silver Coins)
  • Regular Emerald (24 Silver Coins)
  • Regular Miststone (24 Silver Coins)
  • Regular Ruby (24 Silver Coins)
  • Regular Sapphire (24 Silver Coins)
  • Regular Topaz (24 Silver Coins)
  • Blood Rose potion (45 Silver Coins)
  • Holy Resistance potion (60 Silver Coins)
  • Garlic Resistance potion (55 Silver Coins)
  • Sunflower Seeds (45 Silver Coins)

Ottar Locations (Inventory)

Ottar is the second merchant who is found inside a house in Brighthaven Slums. He is not a traveling trader, making him easy to find as he sticks to one location rather than relocating like Berk.

Ottar Inventory

Once found, interact with him to receive the following items:

  • Ashfolk Helmet (550 Silver Coins)
  • Mitre (550 Silver Coins)
  • Ghost Shroom Spores (200 Silver Coins)
  • Highland Lotus Seeds (200 Silver Coins)
  • Flawless Amethyst (120 Silver Coins)
  • Flawless Emerald (120 Silver Coins)
  • Flawless Miststone (120 Silver Coins)
  • Flawless Ruby (120 Silver Coins)
  • Flawless Sapphire (120 Silver Coins)
  • Flawless Topaz (120 Silver Coins)
  • Major Explosive Box (110 Silver Coins)

Gavyn the Shady Dealer Locations (Inventory)

Lastly, you’ll find a merchant called Gavyn the Shady Dealer. This Merchant is found in the Farbane Woods.

Gavyn the Shady Dealer Inventory

Upon giving him silver coins, you can get the following items from him:

  • Pilgrim’s Hat (200 Silver Coins)
  • Necromancer’s Mitre (200 Silver Coins)
  • Blood Rose Brew (25 Silver Coins)
  • Brew of Ferocity (25 Silver Coins)
  • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew (25 Silver Coins)
  • Minor Explosive Box (40 Silver Coins)
  • Miner’s Mace (16 Silver Coins)
  • Lumberjack’s Axes (16 Silver Coins)
  • Blood Rose Seed (15 Silver Coins)
  • Fire Blossom Seed (15 Silver Coins)
  • Snow Flower Seed (15 Silver Coins)
  • Mourning Lily Seed (15 Silver Coins)
  • Hell’s Clarion Spores (15 Silver Coins)
  • Crude Amethyst (8 Silver Coins)
  • Crude Emerald (8 Silver Coins)
  • Crude Miststone (8 Silver Coins)
  • Crude Ruby (8 Silver Coins)
  • Crude Sapphire (8 Silver Coins)
  • Crude Topaz (8 Silver Coins)

Trader Routes Map Locations

Since the Merchants (excluding Ottar) like to roam around their respective regions, you need to learn their Trader Routes to be able to find them without too much trouble. A Trader Route is a set of locations that a Merchant is known to visit frequently, which are usually the intersections that connected different areas of the region.

When you need to visit a Merchant, you can track them by going down their Trader Route and waiting for them to travel past your location.

To help you out with figuring out the Trader Routes of the V Rising Merchants, we’ve prepared some map images which are marked with the Trader Route of each Merchant.

Berk the Traveling Trader Route Map Locations

As his name implies, Berk the Traveling Merchant likes to roam around quite a lot. He can be found roaming around in almost every part of the Dunley Farmlands.

The trade route of Berk the Traveling Merchant is marked in the map image below

Berk the Traveling Trader Route Map

Gavyn the Shady Dealer Route Map Locations

Gavyn the Shady Dealer tends to stick to the southern side of Farbane Woods and is most commonly found near the Bandit Copper Mine.

The trade route of Gavyn the Shady Dealer is marked in the map image below

Gavyn the Shady Dealer Route Map

Ottar the Merchant Map Location

Ottar the Merchant is the only Merchant in V Rising that does not move around. He is present in his shop – located in Silverlight Hills – at all times.

The exact location of Ottar the Merchant’s shop is marked in the mag image below

V Rising Ottar the Merchant Map Location

How to Trade in V Rising

Before you can even come close to any trader in V Rising, you must first unlock your human form and then find some Silver Coins, as traders will only provide you with items if you give them Silver Coins.

How to Change into a Human

To change into your human form, you can drink the plant of Beatrice the Tailor. This plant can be found at the Dawnbreak Village.

Once at the Village, kill Beatrice the Tailor to receive the plant. The fight will not last long as Beatrice is a defensive character and will only run away when attacked.

The only offensive attacks you’ll receive will be from the guards she calls to protect her. Deal with them first, then focus on killing Beatrice.

Once you have defeated Beatrice, you’ll get the Human Form vampire power which allows you to transform into a human. While in human form, you’ll be able to roam around in human settlements without being noticed and most importantly, you’ll be able to interact with Merchants.

Do note that the Human Form takes a lot of blood to maintain, so make sure you’re not running low on blood before you transform into a human.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are some strong-willed humans that can see through your disguise, so some humans may start attacking you even while you’re in this form

Where to find Silver Coins

To find the Silver Coins, simply head over to different villages or bandit camps to find the coins inside chests and cabinets.

However, as you load yourself with Silver Coins, you’ll start dealing damage depending upon how much Silver Coins you’re carrying.

This is due to the Silver Sickness Debuff you get, which can be seen on the screen as your game starts producing silver effects on your screen and your character.

Your enemies can also see this debuff, who can then take advantage of you by attacking you.

To prevent this from happening, simply drink the Silver Resistance potion. These potions can be crafted using the Alchemy table, so if you find yourself with a debuff, make sure to drink a resistance potion before you get attacked by an enemy.

If you don’t have access to Silver Resistance Potions, you can also increase your Silver Resistance by wearing certain Cloaks. The Cloaks which enhance your resistance to Silver are Hermit’s Shawl, Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak, Thousand-Stitch Cloak and Hunter’s Cloak.

Upon unlocking your human form and finding Silver Coins, you will become able to trade with Merchants in V Rising.

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