How To Get Hell’s Clarion In V Rising

Crafting makes up a big portion of V Rising and that means you’ll have to gather a ton of resources from its open world. Hell’s Clarion is one of such resources and an uncommon one at that. You can only find it in a few locations, which is why the following guide will mark where exactly you can farm Hell’s Clarion in V Rising.

V Rising Hell’s Clarion Locations

Unlike other resources in the game, Hell’s Clarion is hard to come by. There are only a few areas where it is available. Since the map in V Rising mentions all the notable loot that can be found from each area, you can use that to easily spot where you might find these.

Simply mouse over a location and you will see whether that place has Hell’s Clarion or not. While they are in both Dunley Farmlands and Farbane Woods, we would recommend going to Farbane Woods to farm Hell’s Clarion.

How To Get Hell's Clarion In V Rising

Most of the Hell’s Clarion spawn locations are within the center of Farbane Woods, close to each other so you don’t have to travel too much to collect all the plants.

You can find Hell’s Clarion in the following locations:

  • Bear Cave
  • Bandit Copper Mine
  • Haunted Iron Mine

Once you’re there, keep a lookout for any plant that is all red and seems to be releasing spores from the top. They are actually very noticeable, so you don’t have to worry about walking past them.

Take note that you can only collect 10x Hell’s Clarion from a single red-colored plant. In a single resource-gathering run, you can collect as much as 60x Hell’s Clarions from each location.

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