V Rising Forms: How to Unlock Every Form (Wolf, Bat, Bear, Toad, Human)

In V Rising you can transform into different forms and each of them has its own perks. There are 6 forms with specific buffs that they can offer to your character. This V Rising guide will tell you the details of all the forms and how you can unlock them.

V Rising Forms: How to Unlock All

There are 6 different “shapes” you can transform into in V Rising, each having its own unique perks once you transform. However, you don’t have them all at the start, they must be unlocked. Below we’ve listed each of the appearances in V Rising and how to unlock them.

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How to Unlock Wolf Form

The first form that you can transform into is Wolf. To unlock the Wolf Form in V Rising, you need to get the V Blood of the Alpha Wolf. Defeat this boss and feed on his blood to get the Wolf form ability in V Rising.

In this form, you can travel very quickly as your movement speed will be boosted by 45%. Wolves with the lower level wouldn’t attack you in this form but if you take any damage, you will lose that form. You can also learn how to utilize a blood key in V Rising by reading up on our dedicated guide.

How to Unlock Bat Form

To get the Bat form, you have to track and consume the blood of Nightmarshal Styx. He is a level 76 boss that you can find in the cursed region. To unlock the Bat form ability, you have to defeat this boss and feed on his blood.


In the Bat form, you can go through impassable terrain and fly high in the air. However, you can’t use this form when you have taken some resources with you. You will need to be very careful of the sunlight in this form as you can’t get to the shade while flying.

How to Unlock Bear Form

You can get the Bear form by defeating the Ferocious Bear. He is a level 36 boss in V Rising that you can track using the blood altar. To defeat this boss, you should turn into Rat form and take your gear level to 35 or above.

Once you have desired gear level you can enter the Bear Cave and defeat him. Feed on his blood to get the Bear Form.

Once you turn into a bear, you can destroy big structures like the walls and doors, which helps in raiding. This form will increase your speed by 15% and resistance by 25%.

The damage taken by you in this form is also reduced by 25%. Furthermore, health gain is a little quicker in this form as compared to the others.

How to Unlock Rat Form

To get the Rat form, you must defeat a boss called Putrid Rat. But you can’t find this boss using the blood altar. To find him first you have to craft the Putrid Rat item in Vermin Nest.

You can build a Vermin Nest in your Castle and then craft the Putrid Rat item. To craft it you will need the following resources.

Craft the item using the resources and then you will be able to track the blood of Putrid Rat boss. Now you can beat this boss and feed on its blood to get the required transformation.

In the Rat form, you can blend yourself into the environment which will make it difficult for enemies to track you down. You can avoid fighting with enemies while using this form. But if you take any damage, you will lose this transformation.

How to Unlock Toad Form

To get the Toad form in V Rising you have to defeat Duke of Balaton boss. The Duke of Balaton is a level 62 boss so you will need to increase your gear level before getting into a fight with this boss.

You can track this boss using the Blood Altar. You will find this boss in the Swamp of Greed area. Once you have defeated this boss you can feed on his blood to get the Toad form.

In this Toad form, you can jump really high in the air. The jumps can be used for crossing different hurdles in your way which you have to cross by going around otherwise. But in this form, if you take any damage, you will lose the form.

How to Unlock Human Form

To get the Human form in V Rising you have to defeat Beatrice the Tailor boss. You can track down Beatrice the Tailor using the Blood Altar. Simply defeat her and feed on her blood to get the Human Form.

In Human form, you can go to human settlements without being noticed. But you will need to stay away from strong-willed priests as they can notice your disguise.

You can interact with human traders in this form. As the human form’s blood consumption rate is much higher than other forms, you cannot hold this form for a long time

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