How to Get Grave Dust in V Rising

In this V Rising guide, we will give you all the details about farming locations for Grave Dust and crafting Grave Dust.

Grave Dust is an important resource that you can use to craft magical items such as the Duskwatchers Ring or Gravedigger Ring. However, it’s pretty hard to come by. You can get Grave Dust by farming it in certain areas or crafting it.

You can also raid castles around Forgotten Cemetery and Infested Graveyard in hopes of finding some in player stashes.

You can get the Grave Dust by farming Graveyards, using a Grinder to craft, or Constructing Tombs close to your base.

V Rising Grave Dust Farm Locations

The easiest way to farm Grave Dust in the early-mid game will be by hacking and slashing all the enemies you find in the Desecrated Graveyard or the Infested Graveyard.

Later in the game, when you have progressed enough, you will unlock the Forgotten Cemetery in the middle of the Farbane woods. The drop rate will increase along with the enemies level you encounter in the Cemetery.

You can also construct tombs and farm Grave Dust. To get this structure, you will have to defeat Goreswine, the Ravager. He is a level 27 boss, which can be tracked through the Blood Altar.

After you have defeated him, you will be rewarded with a tomb structure that will allow you to summon ghouls. You can defeat those ghouls who will then drop Grave Dust which you can use

grave dust farm locations

How to Craft Grave Dust

You need to have the Grinder in order to craft grave dust in V Rising. It’s an early-game production unit. The following are the requirements for setting up the Grinder:

When you have all of the materials, proceed to Production by pressing ‘B’ on your keyboard. Build the Grinder using the Refinement tab. You need 100x bones to produce 1x Grave Dust after setting up the Grinder.

Apart from farming Grave Dust, you will find the bones required to craft Grave Dust in cemeteries and graveyards from the enemies you defeat. Again, Infested Graveyard and Forgotten Cemetery are perfect locations to find bones, but otherwise, any other skeletal enemies around will also do.

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