How to Get Blood Key in V Rising

Blood Key is the only legendary item available in the V Rising till now. It is a Gear Level 27 jewelry piece which is the highest gear level in the V Rising. This guide will tell you complete details about how you can get the Blood Key in V Rising and its crafting recipe as well.

V Rising Blood Key Location

To get the Blood Key, you will need to complete the final quest in the game currently available. This quest involves defeating the strongest boss in the game, Solarus the Immaculate.

He is a level 80 boss that will be really difficult for you to beat. You can find this boss in the East of the Silverlight Hills inside a temple. It has a huge sword that can deal some great damage.

Once you have defeated that boss, you have to drink his blood, and you will get the crafting recipe for the Blood key. The only way to get the Blood key in V Rising is by crafting it and the requirements for crafting it can be seen below.

Blood Key Crafting Recipe

The crafting recipe for Blood Key is given below.

  • Gem Dust x300
  • Dark Silver Ingot x21
  • Gold Ingot x6
  • Primal Blood Essence x3

Even after unlocking the crafting recipe for the Blood Key by defeating Solarus the Immaculate, it is not that easy to craft this legendary item. The thing required to craft this item is going to take time.

It is quite an expensive craft that you can complete at the Jewelcrafting Table. The crafting cost can be changed if you have the matching floors for this crafting station.

The important thing that you will need to remember here is it is not only the legendary item available in the game but also the one with the highest gear level.

You should go for crafting the Blood Key right after you meet the crafting requirements.

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