Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Best Cooking Recipes

Cooking plays an important role in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, even more so than BotW. In order to survive against the new Gloom status effect as well as the old ones, increase health and stamina as well as various other buffs, you have to invest time in the cooking mechanics of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to figure out the best recipes for use in al sorts of situations.

While Zelda TotK allows a lot of creativity when cooking stuff using the materials at hand, knowing the perfect combination to make the best recipes will end up providing even better bonuses.

How to cook in Zelda TotK

Cooking can be done by putting ingredients in a pot or another way by roasting. Roasting can be done by directly setting the ingredient on fire or putting it in a fire. The one thing you need to look out for in Zelda is that when it is raining and the Cooking Pot you are currently using is uncovered, you need to wait until the rain stops so that the fire does not die out.

Sometimes, it also happens that the fire under the pot is unlit. Link needs to light the fire before he can go on to cooking.

Another important update is that one-hit kills have also been removed. This means now it will cost more resources to recover health. Before, you could always die and respawn and have full health. But now it has been made that you survive and endure. At any given instance, you can only carry up to 60 meals in your inventory.

Types of meals

Below is a list of all the meals along with their advantages:

Hearty MealsHeart Regeneration
Energizing MealsStamina boost + Heart Regeneration
Enduring MealsTemporary bonus Stamina
Gloom Restoration MealsRestore Hearts corrupted by Gloom
Gloom Resistance MealsGloom Resistance
Stealth MealsIncrease in Stealth
Heat Resistance MealsIncrease survival in Warn Areas
Cold Resistance MealsIncrease survival in Cold Areas
Fireproof MealsFire Resistance
Shockproof MealsShock Resistance
Hasty MealsIncrease Movement Speed
Mighty MealsAttack Boosts
Tough MealsDefense Buff
Bright MealsLink glows (easy to see in the dark)

Potency and effect duration depends upon the Materials used to prepare them.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom best cooking recipes

Link doesn’t know every recipe from the start of Tears of the Kingdom. New cooking recipes need to be unlocked as you progress. One way of achieving this is through trial and error; mixing different cooking materials and elixir ingredients together to see what works or by talking to NPCs in the game.

Below are some of the best recipes we have found so far in Zelda TotK:

Best recipes to heal

Hearts are an indication of Health in Zelda TotK. So it is safe to say that the more hearts you have, the better your survival chances are. Below are some meals that can be prepared to Regain Hearts if they are lost in Battle or injured by Fall Damage.

Honeyed ApplesHoney and Apples7 Hearts Regenerate
Hearty Fried Wild GreensChickaloo Tree Nuts and Hyrule Herbs5 and a half Hearts Regenerate
Steamed Mushrooms2 Hyrule Herbs, a Hylian Shroom, 2 apples7 Hearts Regenerate
Steamed FruitFruit and PlantHearts Regenerate
Meat and Seafood FryMeat and Fish6 Hearts Regenerate
Spiced Meat SkewerMeat and Goron SpiceHearts Regenerate

Best recipes to regen stamina

There is a lot to uncover in this game. In doing so, Link utilizes his Stamina. These meals can help him regain his stamina.

Crab Stir-FryCrab and Goron Spice
Energizing Mushroom Skewer2 Stambulbs, 2 Skyshrooms, and a Stamella Shroom
Vegetable CurryCarrot, Goron Spice, and Hylian Rice

Environmental Assisting meals

The environment of Hyrule in Zelda TotK is a harsh one. Link needs multiple abilities to get him through his challenges. Following are some of the meals that can boost his abilities:

Pepper SteakMeat and Spicy PepperCold Resistance
Mighty Simmered Fruit3 Mighty BananasAttack Buff Level 3 for 3 minutes and 20 seconds
Chilly Simmered Fruit3 Hydromelons2 minutes 30 seconds of heat resistance
Tough Mushroom Skewer3 IronshroomsDefence buff Level 3 for 4 minutes and 10 seconds
Bright Fish Skewer3 Glowing Cave FishGlow Level 3 for 10 minutes
Warding Meat SkewerMeat and Dark LumpGloom resistance for 3 minutes

Best Elixirs

Elixirs can be made using a monster part and insects or lizards. They generally have a lower effect than cooked meals. Some of the elixirs are given below:

Chilly ElixirBlue Butterfly and a Monster PartHeat resistance
Fireproof ElixirFireproof Lizard and a Monster PartFire resistance
Sticky ElixirSticky Lizard and a Monster PartGrip Boost
Tough ElixirRugged Rhino Beetle and a Monster PartDefense Boost
Energizing ElixirRestless Cricket and a Monster PartStamina Boost

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