How To Defeat Talos (Guardian Gigantus) In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Defeat the Guardian Gigantus, Talos early to unlock the trophy/achievement in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Talos is one of the easiest boss fights, as this enemy boss won’t fight back in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Defeating Talos or Guardian Gigantus is part of a late-game quest called The Guardian Gigantus. As you pursue Phaseus with the Empowered Godsbane Blade in hand, you will see Talos coming out of the sea and making his way through the Agamen Volcanic Island, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.

The entirety of The Guardian Gigantus quest revolves around slowing down and killing Talos in Dragon’s Dogma 2 before he reaches the Excavation Site, where Phaseus and the False Sovran are heading.

The fight against Talos is actually optional but still a spectacle, so you should follow through with it. Even if you don’t fight Talos, he will eventually end up dying shortly before reaching his destination.

Before going for The Guardian Gigantus, make sure you have a lot of curatives to restore your stamina. Healing won’t matter too much, as Talos doesn’t fight back. However, you should still have some Roborants to restore health should Talos’ destruction or the smaller enemies in the area damage you.


Once you complete A New Godsway, you basically trigger the endgame of Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you have a portcrystal at Volcanic Island Camp, you can’t fast-travel to it until you complete The Guardian Gigantus and defeat Talos.

How to beat Guardian Gigantus in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

To defeat the Guardian Gigantus, you only need to climb onto this titan and start spamming your attacks. Talos doesn’t have a health bar like other bosses, and the only way to damage him is by hitting and destroying the pink/purple stakes sticking out from his body.

Once a stake gets destroyed, you will see blood gushing out of that wound and should move to attack the next one. You can equip daggers if you are playing as a Thief or Warfarer. These will allow you to target Talos’ weak points more quickly.


Return to this area later after Gigantus is dead and interact with all the stakes on the ground. Looting each one will give you a Wakestone Shard, so you can get 5-6 Wakestone Shards pretty easily.

The only thing you can lack when taking out Talos is stamina. Make sure to use any augment, such as Exaltation, Endurance, Vigor, Avidity, etc., to help you with your stamina. Once ready, all you will need to do is get to the small island, which is relatively closer to this giant titan.

Once the Guardian Gigantus approaches the cliff’s edge, you must jump on his right arm. This way, you can simply climb onto this monster’s body. You will notice stakes impaled at different sections of the Talos body in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

There will be six stakes located at the right eye, left thigh, right shoulder, right hand, backside, and right ankle. You will need to start by attacking the stake impaled on the right eye and work your way down from that point until you destroy the stake present on the right ankle.

Remember that Guardian Gigantus will throw his large spear at one point in the game, so you must hold on for dear life and avoid falling. You also need to check your stamina, and if you are running low on it, you should climb the shoulder to take a breath and regain your stamina.

Once you have destroyed all the stakes impaled on the Gigantus, you can shoot it with the Ballistas scattered around this canyon leading from Volcanic Island Camp to the Excavation Site.

You still won’t see a health bar, but after landing a few Ballista shots, you should see Talos fall down and lose power, indicating it is dead. Even if you don’t shoot at the Gigantus, it will eventually die at the hands of the other soldiers in the area.

How to defeat Talos in a short span of time

The easiest way to earn the Gigantus, I Hardly Knew Ye achievement/trophy and defeat Talos in a short span of time is to use the Unmaking Arrow. To get this particular arrow, you must defeat at least two dragons to get Wyrmslife Crystals.

Next, head to the Bay Wayside Shrine in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Speak with The Dragonforged, and you can purchase one Unmaking Arrow for 8x Wyrmslife Crystals.


You can also get Unmaking Arrow while solving Sphinx’s Riddles, so you can use that as well if you don’t want to purchase one.

Once you have an Unmaking Arrow, you can proceed with the main quest event, The Guardian Gigantus. All you will need to do is shoot the Unmaking Arrow at Gigantus.

Remember that this method requires you to play as the Archer and carry a bow. You can equip the Unmaking Arrow from the menu and target this titan boss.


Defeating the Talos is optional and highly missable. You will only have one shot with the Unmaking Arrow, so aim it correctly. Once you shoot the arrow, the game will save automatically, so if you miss it, you won’t be able to reload a previous save.

After shooting the Unmaking arrow at the Guardian Gigantus, this titan drops its weapon and briefly walks before reaching the town. You must wait exactly 6 minutes until the Gigantus falls and is completely petrified. This way, you will get Gigantus, I Hardly Knew Ye achievement/trophy in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Lastly, if you have the Preserved Medusa Head in your inventory, you can petrify Talos once he reaches the shore. However, to get this item, you must fight the Medusa at the Nera’Battahl Windrift cave on the southwest side of Bakbattahl.

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