How To Solve Gerudo Mural Riddle In Zelda: TotK

The Mural Riddle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the objectives in Riju of Gerudo Town's quest that involves finding three light ...

One of the four quests that make up the Regional Phenomena main story mission is Riju of Gerudo Town. While pursuing this quest, you must save Gerudo Town by destroying three Gibdo Hives and killing the evil Gibdos that threatened the village. The next objective in Riju of Gerudo Town’s quest involves finding three light pillars to solve a mural riddle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Our guide will help you ace this objective and proceed further.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mural Riddle solution

After saving Gerudo Town successfully, make your way to the Gerudo Shelter to visit Riju. She will be already waiting for you to discuss the painting that was assumed to be made by Gerudo’s ancestors.

She thinks the voice they heard and the mural riddle in Zelda TotK are closely connected. So it is necessary to line up the light pillars to open a specific pathway. (That may lead to the way to save Gerudo people) Consult the map below for the precise location of the Shelter you need to visit.

The mural riddle partly says, “Unite the Pillars in light to reveal the lightning stone and open the way.” After listening to Riju’s explanation of the mysterious riddle words, it’s time to exit the Shelter and proceed to the solution.

Light Pillar #1

The first light pillar in Zelda TotK is very high in Gerudo town, and you must glide from somewhere even higher to reach there. Use the Ascend ability of Link in the Throne Room to reach Soryotanog Shrine, as it is the highest place you can achieve for now.

Light Pillar 1 in Zelda Tears of the kingdom

Having reached the top beside the Soryotanog shrine, look for a pillars structure/ building in all directions. When you see it, deploy your Paraglider to float and land on the pillar building. This is the first of the three light pillars mentioned in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mural riddle.

Use a hammer-type weapon on the crackable platform at the center, causing light emission from beneath the crushed platform. (You can make a hammer using the rock on the same structure. The light gets reflected from the mirror above you and points to a far-off area.  

Light Pillar #2

Follow the pointing light to reach the next stop for your light pillar riddle in Tears of the Kingdom. You can use the sand whirls during this journey to enjoy an air ride instead of walking on foot. Stop when you see another three pillars structure. It’ll probably be inside a mild sandstorm, but you can quickly get to it.

Unexpectedly, this pillar structure does not introduce any crackable platform. So, move a few more steps ahead to see a rock tower. Don’t wait too long before climbing it; some tall sand creatures will come at you while you try to reach the top.

On top of this tower is a big wheel with four handles. Grab one of the handles and start rotating the wheel anti-clockwise. Do not stop until the pillar reflects light in a new way, making a triangle. When it does, climb down and continue moving straight, following the newly formed light beam.

Light Pillar #3

After walking for a long while, you will finally see the third light pillar, a big one this time. The only way to climb this pillar is by going in the wind whirl on the left. You can easily glide toward the light pillar when you are pretty high.

Now this one has a crackable platform. You know the drill…use a hammer weapon and hit it to reveal four wooden sticks and two green stone blocks.  

Use the Ultrahand ability of Link to drag one block out. Attach all the sticks to this block (First stick vertical, second horizontal, third vertical, fourth horizontal. Strike this new structure with your weapon, turning on the block’s battery in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

This will let it remain floating when you place it in the air. Using Ultrahand, push the block near the top floor and keep it like that for 4-5 seconds. Now go in the whirl (spiral windstorm) beside the pillar to go high in the air and glide to the balcony.

Pull the stone platform a little higher, such that it is adjacent to the top floor. Go in the whirl again; you must jump only when higher than the light pillar. Deploy your Paraglider and land on the top floor.

It’s time to attach one of the sticks to the spinning wheel, similar to the first light pillar. Now rotate the wheel anti-clockwise while keeping an eye on the light beam. Only stop rotating when the light beam touches the first light pillar.

This will trigger a short pause with a cutscene, in which you see the light emitting from all three pillars and reaching everywhere inside the Light triangle in Zelda TotK. Great! The Mural Riddle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finally solved.

The result of this action will be the appearance of the Lightning Temple out of the sand. You can now proceed to the next Riju of Gerudo Town quest objective, i.e., Gibdo Queen boss fight.

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