How To Get Recall In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

One of the new abilities at Link's disposal in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is Recall and it is exactly...

One of the new abilities at Link’s disposal in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is Recall and it is exactly as the name suggests. Recall ability basically allows Link to control and reverse time for a bit but it is only targeted at objects, Link can’t actually go back in time himself.

Recall ability allows the Link to rewind the time of an object to its most recent state for a certain amount of time. This can be used to reach places that seem impossible at first. Sounds useful right? we have prepared this guide to explain how you can unlock the Recall ability in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to unlock Recall ability in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Recall ability is similar to Stasis in Zelda BOTW but Stasis was used to stop the time for an object while Recall in Zelda TotK allows Link to rewind the time for that object.

For example, you are roaming around the Sky Island and you notice a giant rock falling from the sky. Find that rock, use Recall on it, and climb on that rock. The rock will take you back to where it fell from, but of course, there are limits to this ability.

Before you can get the Recall ability, make sure you have unlocked Fuse, Ultrahand, and Ascend. All of these are necessary to unlock Recall. All these abilities are unlocked during the Closed Door and Find Princess Zelda quests.

The Recall ability is part of the main story so impossible to miss. Clear the first three shrines of Great Sky Island; Ukouh, In-Isa and Gutanbac. Once all three are done, return to the Temple of Time and interact with the Sheikah Pedestal. This will start a cutscene and you will get the Recall ability as a result.

Once you have Recall, you can go to the Nachoyah shrine to master this ability. Finishing the shrine will also unlock the last Light of Blessing of this area and you can then upgrade your heart container or stamina vessel.

How to use Recall in Zelda TotK

To use the Recall ability in Zelda TotK, you have to press L and select the ability with your R stick, doing so will activate the Recall ability and stop everything in your surroundings except for the living creatures.

The next step is to aim at the object you want to rewind and press A, doing so will make the object’s time go backward and you will notice a blue wheel on your screen. This wheel is the Recall ability limit indicator. The moment this wheel drops to zero, the effect of Recall on the object will wear off and it will come back to its original state.

Recall ability in Zelda TOTK can only be used on objects and not on living enemies. However, in terms of usage and effectiveness, this ability can become a nightmare for enemies if used correctly. For example, it can be used against enemies that use spears or throwables. You can use Recall on the Spear or any throwable to send it back to where it came from and it will deal damage to your enemy, Isn’t that amazing?

Secondly, you can use Recall to fly. As mentioned above, you can use Recall on a rock that just fell from the sky. Using Recall on that rock will help you reach flying platforms in Sky Island and you may find better rewards up there.

However, you must remember that Recall in Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom only rewinds the time of the object on which it is used. This ability can not respawn enemies nor it can revive Link.

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