How To Get To Death Mountain Chasm In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Death Mountain Chasm, deep within the lava filled area in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom allows entry into the Depths to reach Fire Temple..

Death Mountain, the lava-filled Mt Doom within Eldin region of Zelda TotK houses a chasm that lets you reach the Depths area right under Death Caldera. However, given the dangerous surroundings and the flowing lava, reaching the Death Mountain Chasm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom can be quite a pain.

Our guide aims to pinpoint the location of the Death Mountain chasm for you in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom as well as explain how to get there. Once you enter the chasm, we will also explain what you can expect on the other side within the Depths.

Death Mountain Chasm location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Death Mountain Chasm is located in the Eldin Canyon region on the northeastern side of the map. The chasm is located in the center of the Death Caldera, north of Broca Island and east of Goron Hot Spring. The exact coordinates for Death Mountain Chasm are: 2474, 2590, -0963.

How to get to Death Mountain Chasm in Zelda: TotK

Start from Goron City. Take the path leading south from Goron City towards the Goron Hot Springs. The path takes you to the entrance of Death Caldera. Inside the Death Caldera, you need to climb the hill. The Chasm will be directly in the center of the mountain.

The path to the chasm is highlighted in the picture above, starting from Goron City.

Activities in Death Mountain Chasm

Before we see what to do in Death Mountain Chasm, remember that the Depths underneath Death Mountain Chasm are an area filled with lava. So be prepared with Flamebreaker armor. During your descent through the chasm itself, you’ll have to a number of lava falls.

When you enter the depths from the Chasm, you need to get your glider out. Look around and find a safe spot to land. In the Depths of Death Mountain, you can find Yunobo near the Mustis Lightroot. You can use Yunobo to destroy the rocks here and make your way through the depths.

The main reason for using the Death Mountain Chasm is to get to the Fire Temple to help Yunobo save Goron City. Yunobo will aid you throughout the Death Mountain Depths and the Fire Temple so you can get through the area.

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