How To Get To Hyrule Castle Chasm In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Hyrule Castle Chasm is home to the powerful boss known as Ganondorf in Zelda Totk. Therefore, you must have a proper gear to enter his lair.

The Hyrule Castle Chasm in Zelda TotK is the most terrifying place you can be in the entire game. This Chasm is also known as the final dungeon of Zelda TOTK, because of the final fight against the Demon King Ganondorf.

In the guide below, we will discuss where to find the Hyrule Castle Chasm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the activities inside, and every important detail you need to know about the chasm.

Zelda Tears of Kingdom Hyrule Castle Chasm Location

The Hyrule Castle Chasm is below the Hyrule Castle, North of Lookout Landing. Keep going north from Hyrule Field Chasm, and you will eventually end up at the Castle. Afterward, make your way under the castle to reach the chasm.

You can also enter the Chasm by fast traveling to the Serutabomac Shrine, located on the northern side of the Hyrule Castle. You can enter the Hyrule Castle Chasm by jumping off from the cliff where the shrine is.

Use your paraglider to control your fall, pass through the chasm, through the opening, which also serves as its entrance, and you will directly land close to the Cambobatures Lightroot. If you haven’t unlocked the shrine, you can head north of the ruins to find the chasm. Upon entering, not only will you be attacked by an Electric Keese, but also have to defeat Horriblins and a Lynel.  

Alternatively, you can simply enter the Chasm after completing the tutorial section. Ensure you are equipped with the proper gear, as Ganondorf is a powerful boss in Zelda Totk. Therefore, it is not recommended that you start the boss fight immediately. Instead, you can roam around the area without triggering a fight.

Preparations for Hyrule Castle Chasm

You can choose to fight the enemies found in the Chasm by equipping the Royal Guard Armor. Additionally, you must acquire the Sundelions recipes to gain gloom resistance. Furthermore, collect other items, including arrows, Brightbloom Seeds, and Zonai devices. Lastly, ensure you have the Travel Medallion, which will allow you to fast travel back to the Chasm.

Activities in Hyrule Castle Chasm in Zelda TotK

The most important thing to do in the Hyrule Castle Chasm is the fight against Demon King Ganondorf. However, that’s the last thing you will do in the Chasm. So, here’s the list of things you will encounter in the Hyrule Castle Chasm of Zelda TotK.

When you enter the Hyrule Castle Chasm in Zelda TotK, you will find the Camobatures Lightroot. You can use it to illuminate the Chasm and become a fast travel point.

Since there are tons of enemies, you also get to have powerful weapons such as ground loot. These weapons include the likes of Mighty Zonaite Weapons, Mighty Construct Bow, and Mighty Zonai Shield in Zelda TotK. Moreover, you will also discover the Forgotten Foundation and Imprisoning Chamber in the Hyrule Castle Chasm.

You can then make your way to both the Forgotten Foundations and Gloom’s Lair. Both these locations present challenges of their own and eventually lead you to the Demon King’s army. After you’ve bested the Demon King’s army, you can proceed onto the boss rush section of Hyrule Castle Chasm.  

This section can get quite hard, so we recommend completing all dungeons before proceeding. Completing the boss rush section will directly throw you into the fight with Ganondorf, so we recommend stopping here or at Gloom’s Lair if you’re not ready to fight him. 

From the lightroot to the end zone, you’ll pick up a host of weapons in the Hyrule Castle Chasm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. These include the Mighty Zonaite Weapons, Mighty Construct Bow, the Hylian Shield, and Mighty Zonai Shield in Zelda TotK and other treasures.

Power of Sages is out of reach in Hyrule Castle Chasm, so you are basically on your own; you cannot use them until you reach the point where you have to face the Demon King and his army. 

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