How To Defeat Ganondorf In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Demon King Ganondorf is the final boss and the most powerful opponent you have ever faced in Zelda Tears...

The Demon King Ganondorf is the final boss and the most powerful opponent you have ever faced in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. As he is the final boss, the last quest of Zelda TotK is also aptly called Destroy Ganondorf.

After such a long gameplay journey, he is the only hurdle left to save Princess Zelda and bring peace to Hyrule. Fighting the Ganondorf boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will be an extremely challenging fight that will not only test your strength but your strategy as well.

Where to find the Demon King Ganondorf in Zelda TotK

After defeating Master Kohga, meet Purah in the Hyrule Castle Square. This will start the final quest of your journey. Go to Lookout Landing and talk to Josha there.

After the conversation is over, Fast Travel to Serutabomac Shrine located behind Hyrule Castle. Jump and descend deep into the chasm. When you near the floor, paraglide and descend again while avoiding bloom contact.

Climb the top platform and continue towards the left side and you will see a pillar. Stand beneath the pillar and use Ascend ability to reach above the pillar.

After that, you will see a fallen block. Stand on the block and use the recall ability to elevate yourself. Go straight.


You will arrive at a place with two weird creatures on the wall releasing poisonous smoke. You will have to shoot a ball attached to their mouth to clear the area and continue.

After that, descend into the deep ditch and arrive at a platform. You have to be very careful here and not make contact with any gloom. Jump to the other side and continue into the cave.

After that, you will fight some enemies inside the temple. Try to avoid them and continue into the room with a blocked wall.

You have to strike the right corner of the rock wall with your Rock Hammer. After that, continue into the cave.

You will then arrive at the “Imprisoning Chamber”. Jump and descend into the deep ditch. When you reach the floor, continue straight and reach the final platform. Jump from the platform to a red glowing floor.

Suddenly, The Demon King’s Army will appear. But surprisingly, the spirit allies you kept the whole time with you will come physically alive and will fight alongside you to defeat the enemies.

After defeating them, some massive enemies will appear. But, your allies will fight these and you will have to leave that area to find Ganondorf.

You will arrive at the Gloom Origins. Just continue inside and you will reach the place of the Demon King Ganondorf.

How to defeat Ganondorf boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Before you go to fight Ganondorf in Zelda TotK, you must be equipped with the best weapons (especially the Master Sword), a lot of arrows and their attachments, the best armor, dozens of best shields, and a lot of good food, especially for Gloom Resistance.

The Demon King Ganondorf boss fight in Tears of the Kingdom has three stages.

Stage 1

How to defeat Ganondorf boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

As you enter the area, Ganondorf will be sitting on the platform. After some statements, he will transform into a powerful beast. Here, your fight with Ganondorf will start.

Remember to fight him with your Master Sword. Also, fight your shield in your hand. His single attack is powerful enough to destroy your best shield and still, it will damage your health.

You should be very focused and look for the best moment to attack him while dodging his attacks.

He will initially strike you by swinging his sword, you can easily dodge this. Then he will gather the red aura and will swing his sword. You can use this moment to turn behind him and use Flurry Rush to attack him. This will deplete a quarter of his health every time you manage to pull this attack off.

Then, Ganondorf will take out his spear and poke you. Similarly, you can Flurry Rush to give him the most damage.

After you pull the Flurry Rush attack on him around 4-5 times, his health will be depleted. But, this will not kill him. Instead, he will bring out his second transformation in which he will turn his hair red and be surrounded by a red aura.

Stage 2

How to defeat Ganondorf boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In this stage of the fight in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Ganondorf will spawn multiple spirits of himself. You will have to avoid contact with the spirits.

Ganondorf will now attack you by charging with pace. You can use the Flurry rush technique with Master Sword to counter him giving him great damage.

After half of his health is depleted, he will absorb all the spirits. He will now charge at you with a sword, shoot gloom balls, gives ground shakes, and he might dodge many of your attacks too.

You have to dodge a lot of his attacks and seek the best chance to strike him with the Flurry Rush.

After his all health is depleted, a dramatic cutscene will happen and Ganondorf will transform into a massive Demon Dragon and will come out of the ground into the sky.

Stage 3

How to defeat Ganondorf boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Now, Ganondorf will be surfing in the sky as a dragon. We thought we were done for but luckily, this is where the Light Dragon came to save us. In a spectacular showcase, both dragons will go head to head while we are assisting the Light Dragon.

You can notice 4 eyes on the back of the Demon Dragon. You have to fly on the back of the dragon and kill all of these eyes one by one. Remember, standing on the Demon Dragon will slowly deplete your health but increasing Gloom Resistance can be useful here.

Every time you burst his one eye at the back, he will throw you off and the Light Dragon will carry you. This process will follow until you destroy all 4 of his eyes.

After that, you will have to land on its head and destroy the golden gem in its head by striking with Flurry Rush. Once the gem has been destroyed, the Demon Dragon and with it, Ganondorf will die, thus completing the boss fight.

You will be met with an emotional cutscene, peace will be restored in Hyrule and the amazing story of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will come to an end.

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