How To Get To Hyrule Field Chasm In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Chasms in Zelda TotK are a new place to explore that allows entry into the Depths region of Hyrule. These...

Chasms in Zelda TotK are a new place to explore that allows entry into the Depths region of Hyrule. These Chasms are typically surrounded by Gloom so you have to be careful before diving in. For the most part, chasms are just entryways into the Depths and the Hyrule Field chasm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is no different.

While it doesn’t matter which chasm you enter the Depths from, choosing the right chasm can make your journey shorter and easier especially if you don’t have a lot of Lightroots unlocked.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule Field Chasm location

The Hyrule Field Chasm is located in the South of Lookout Landing, the exact coordinates are (-0251, -0292, -0479). You will have to enter the Chasm to complete the quest Camera Work in the Depths. Completion of this quest will reward you with the Purah Pad Camera.

The Hyrule Field Chasm is fairly easy to find since the Gloom is all over the place when you reach the location. Follow the northeastern road from Hyrule Garrison towards Ranch Ruins and you will reach the chasm right in the middle of the path.

In addition to that the Jiosin Shrine is also near the Chasm, it is recommended that you collect the blessing from the shrine.

However, before you go inside the Chasm, consider reading this guide first to know exactly what to expect in the Hyrule Field Chasm of Zelda TOTK.


Activities in Hyrule Field Chasm of Zelda TotK

The Hyrule Field Chasm is full of surprises and there are plenty of things you can do there in Zelda TOTK. There are two different Lightroots in the Hyrule Chasm; Nisoji Lightroot and Layusus Lightroot.

Furthermore, with the start of the “Camera Work in Depths” quest, you receive some Brightbloom seeds. The Brightbloom Seeds are used to light up the areas of darkness within Depths and Cave in Zelda TOTK.

Moreover, the Hyrule Field Chasm has some unique creatures too such as Deep Firefly and Frox. The Frox loves Brightbloom so, make sure to take them out before they eat your Brightbloom seeds and leave you in the darkness.

With different creatures, you also get different materials to fight against them. For example; you throw Muddle Buds, a Chasm material, on enemies to turn them on each other. You can also use Puffshrooms to create a smokescreen that will hide you from the enemy’s sight.

There is also a mining outpost that you can access by destroying the rocky surface of the mine using Bomb Flowers.

The Daphness Cave Mine is also found in the Hyrule Field Chasm and if you are looking for glowing armor then you must find the chest in the Daphness Cave Mine. The Chest contains the Miner’s Top which illuminates its surroundings, it’s like moving around with brightbloom seeds attached to your armor in Zelda TotK.

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