How To Save All Characters In Starfield

Instead of letting your companions die, you can save all characters in Starfield. But you need to make specific choices and act fast.

During the High Price to Pay mission in Starfield, you will lose a character as you can’t save all. You can either defend the Lodge or the Eye. Choosing one over the other results in one of your companion’s death. If you choose to go with the Lodge, the companion staying on The Eye will die.

Who will die is unclear since it depends on your affinity or relationship levels with the companion in Starfield. Due to this reason, each player will face the death of a different companion depending on their affinity level with the companion. For example:

In my playthrough, I chose Sarah in the Eye mission and had the highest affinity with her. I choose Sam in the Lodge with the second-highest affinity. No matter the affinity, the player in the location that I didn’t choose will die.

However, there is a chance to save all companions in Starfield and prevent any companion from leaving the team behind. To do so, you will need to make specific decisions during the game. These will allow you to save your beloved companions. First, I will explain how to save the companion you like the most in High Price to Pay.

How do you save certain characters in High Price to Pay?

The companion in High Price to Pay gets killed by an NPC called Hunter. He wants to get his hands on the Artifact and will kill anyone who gets in his way to the Lodge. Here, you need to decide on two options:

  • Head to the Eye and save the crew
  • Stay and protect the Lodge

If you choose the first option, one of your Starfield Companions’ death will happen, which are staying in the Lodge. On the other hand, if you choose the second option, you cannot save the companion on The Eye.

Not every companion can be saved in the normal version of the game, but players can choose which one to save by increasing their affinity. I have explained how you can have the highest affinity possible with all of your favorite companions below:


If you want to save the life of Sarah in Starfield, you need to complete her relationship quest named “In Memorium.” Doing so can raise your affinity with her and get a high relationship status.


You can save Sam by making him an ally by completing the Empty Nest mission. This will not only make Sam your companion but also make him a romantic partner.


To save this companion in High Price to Pay, you must hang out with him until you unlock the “Breach of Contract” relationship quest. During this, you can raise your affinity with Barret by making him an Ally or a Lover.


For Andreja, you must explore the United Colonies with Andreja until you unlock the Divided Loyalties quest. During this quest, you can raise your affinity to the level that you can romance Andreja. Doing so will raise your relationship level with her enough that you can save her.

The Only Way to Save All Characters in Starfield

The choice to save all characters is only available on the New Game Plus. It is a feature that allows you to make certain choices that were not available before finishing the missions. If you have access to the NG+, then follow the method below:

  • After returning to the Lodge as a Starborn, you should not skip the main mission.
  • After completing the Further Into The Unknown mission, speak to Vladimir and convince him to place the Artifact in a secure area to prevent the hunter from coming here and eventually killing someone. This can be done by choosing the [Starborn] option from the dialogue.
  • Vladimir will trust you during the process and unlock the NG+ main mission called “Foreknowledge.” During this mission, The Hunter will kill everyone on the Scow where you had built Armillary to store the Artifact.
  • Lastly, you can head to the Lodge to see all your companions saved at the bar going along with their day. Thus completing this alternate ending to the mission.

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