Can You Save All Characters in Starfield?

Instead of letting your companions die, you can save all characters in Starfield. But you need to make specific choices and act fast.

During the ” High Price to Pay” mission in Starfield, you will be given a choice to either defend the Lodge or the Eye. Choosing one over the other results in the death of one of your companions. It is unclear who will die since the death depends on your relationship levels with the companion. However, there is a chance to save all characters in Starfield and prevent any companion from leaving the team behind.

To do so, you will need to make specific decisions during the game. These will allow you to save your beloved companions in Starfield.

How to save all characters in Starfield?

Saving all characters in Starfield during the High Price to Pay mission is very challenging. If you choose to defend the Lodge, then you will lose a companion there. Otherwise, one of your companions in the Eye will lose their life. This will happen in return for the Artifact you stole from Captain Petrov during the No Sudden Moves mission in Starfield.

During my playthroughs, when I chose the Lodge, Sarah died in the Eye. As an alternative, Sam died when I decided to defend the Eye and save Vladimir Sall. This explains how the affinity system works in Starfield. The one closest to you will die to advance the story and make an everlasting impact.

However, the choice to save all characters in Starfield is only available on the New Game Plus. It is a feature that allows you to make certain choices that were not available prior to finishing the missions. If you have access to the NG+ mode of Starfield, then follow the method of choices below.

How to save your companions in NG+

You should not skip the main mission after returning to the Lodge. Speak to Vladimir after completing the Further Into The Unknown mission and convince him to place the Artifact in a secure area. This will help you safeguard the item from the Hunter. Doing so will unlock the NG+ main mission. This is an alternate ending to the High Price to Pay mission in Starfield.


The Hunter appreciates your work and instead chooses to kill everyone on the Scow instead. Lastly, you can simply head to the Lodge to see all your companions saved at the bar going along with their day. Thus, completing this alternate ending to the mission.

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