Starfield Foreknowledge Walkthrough

Foreknowledge is a NG+ exclusive mission in Starfield that slightly alters the ending of the main storyline.

Foreknowledge is part of the Further Into The Unknown mission in Starfield that steers the direction of the ending of your main story questline in Starfield.

With another Starborn hunting the Artifacts, you will have your work cut out for you to save your friends. With the next stop being Constellation it falls on you to warn about the outcome you remember from the original storyline. Let’s look into how you can unlock and complete Foreknowledge in Starfield.

How to unlock the Foreknowledge mission

To unlock Foreknowledge, complete the main questline up till Further Into The Unknown in a New Game Plus (NG+) playthrough in Starfield.

To get the New Game Plus, you need to first complete the One Giant Leap quest to become a Starborn. Only then can you skip the majority of the main questline by sharing this information with Sarah Morgan.

If that is not your cup of tea then repeating the missions will let you see differences in dialogue options and perks of being a Starborn. It opens up new NPCs like the Starborn Trader who you will be able to talk to and interact with as opposed to the original playthrough.

How to complete Foreknowledge in Starfield

After completing Further into the Unkown, find Vladimir and speak to him about the next step you should take on your mission.


He will be sending you to repair materials on The Eye but this time around there will be a new dialogue option. It will have the prompt [Starborn] with it indicating a unique outcome.

Choose the Starborn dialogue and tell him about how The Starborn are going to attack The Constellation which results in one of your companion’s fall.

Make sure the rest of the members also understand your point of view and agree to take the Artifacts away. This is a crucial step as doing so will allow you the option to build an Armillary here or at an Outpost.

Listen to what the Hunter has to say

After the Armillary is built, The Hunter will pay you a visit in Starfield to congratulate you on saving your friends but also to share that Petrov and his team had to pay the price for The Artifact instead.

He makes a mockery of your methods that despite you being able to save Constellation, there is a limit to your reach.

He ends it by directing you to Matteo and tells you to deliver his one-word message “Unity” and disappears out of your sight.

Deliver the message

Go back to The Lodge at Jemison in Alpha Centauri to find Matteo and deliver the message. This will lead you directly to the quest The Unity, skipping the following missions: Short-Sighted, No Sudden Moves, and High Price to Pay.

Note that The Unity is also a New Game Plus exclusive mission that introduces a new ending in Starfield.

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