How To Check And Edit Companion Affinity In Starfield

Having a strong bond with your companions is a must which is determined by your Companion Affinity in Starfield.

Starfield has many systems that determine how certain events and NPCs, including your companions, react to you. Some of these systems are explicitly stated and monitored, while some work in the background without player knowledge. One of these systems is Companion Affinity in Starfield.

Companions play a vital role in your adventures in Starfield; having them on good terms makes the partnership all the more effective. Companion Affinity is hidden; you can not view it without a specific console command on your PC.

Companion Affinity in Starfield determines how strong your relationship is with your companion. It also determines whether you can engage in a romance in Starfield. This is a returning feature from Bethesda’s previous two titles, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

How to Check Companion Affinity in Starfield?

Checking Compaion Affinity in Starfield has its ways. The Affinity System has three components determining your Companion’s commitment. These are Anger, Affinity, and Affinity Level. All three have set numerical values that change according to player behavior and choice, concerning how they affect your companion.

Anger is affected when you do something your companion dislikes (this includes the degree to which they disagree with your actions). The values for this are 0, 1, or 2; each successive number indicates a higher degree to which they disliked your acts. Affinity is affected every time you act or decide that your companion likes or dislikes—the values for Affinity range from 0 to 1300>.

Affinity Level is the numerical number that determines the relationship level of your companion in Starfield. The higher the number, the more loyal they are to you and the more they are willing to back you up. There are four possible levels, and your companion will be on one of these four at any given time. These values are:

  • 0 – Neutral
  • 1 – Friendship
  • 2 – Affection
  • 3 – Commitment

To check values for each of these on PC, first open the console while running the game using either the (~) or (‘) key. Next, select your companion and type the following:

  • GetAV COM_Affinity
  • For Anger, use the following command
    • GetAV COM_AngerLevel
  • Finally, for Affinity Level, use the following command
    • GetAV COM_AffinityLevel

How to Edit Companion Affinity in Starfield?

Through the console commands in Starfield, you can edit the Affinity level of your companion. This allows you to sway the relationship however you see fit, saves you a lot of time, and lets you bond with your companion instantaneously. This is a shortcut method and does slightly take away from the overall experience. Here’s how to edit Companion Affinity using console commands.

To change values for Affinity, open the console command box using either the (~) or (‘) keys and select the companion whose affinity you want to change; in each case, remove the brackets and set the value to whatever you want. For Affinity, use the command:

  • SetAV COM_Affinity (0 to 1300>)
  • For Anger, the command is:
    • SetAV COM_AngerLevel (0 or 1 or 2)
  • The command for Affinity Level is
    • SetAV COM_AffinityLevel (0 or 1 or 2 or 3)
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