Starfield Absolute Power Walkthrough

"Absolute Power" is a faction mission for the Crimson Fleet where you need to find a way to upload a virus in Starfield.

“Absolute Power” is one of the final factions missions in the Crimson Fleet questline of Starfield. It may feel time-consuming but that is only if you opt to use stealth to stay out of combat. Going in guns blazing is always the quickest route.

Your objective in this mission is going to be to deal with Ayumi Komiko. There are several ways in which you can do so. It all depends on your choices.

How to unlock the Absolute Power mission

“Absolute Power” will unlock automatically as your next mission in the Crimson Fleet questline after completing The Best There Is in Starfield.

Speak with Commander Kibwe Ikande and set a course to the Neon City on the planet Volii Alpha. This is inside the Volii star system.

How to complete Absolute Power in Starfield

Something important to note before heading to Neon is that Absolute Power is primarily a stealth-based mission in Starfield.

We strongly recommend you ditch your companion for this mission because they will be easily caught by patrolling security. That, however, is not saying you cannot complete Absolute Power with a companion. It just becomes more difficult.

Speak to Estelle Vincent

To complete Absolute Power, your first stop will be Neon City at Alpha Volii in the Volii Star System. Behind the Spaceport Terminal Elevator, you will find the entrance to Ebbside on the other side of which you will find Madame Suvage’s Place.

Head upstairs and talk to Estelle Vincent. She is upset with how Fleet is handling the matter and shares that if you want the Conduction Grid tech, you will need to download it from the Power core facility yourself.

Additionally, she offers you some Credits in exchange for planting a virus in the Generdyne to access their data.

Lastly, she tells you to start with getting Ayumi Komiko’s Security Pass and details about the whole mission.

Locate the evidence to extort Ayumi Komiko (optional)

You can directly talk to Myka first but there is an alternative way to complete Absolute Power in Starfield.

After getting out of Ebbside, head right into the Astral Lounge building which you may remember from Sowing Discord and One Step Ahead faction missions.

Use the elevator and head up to Generdyne Industries Floor. Talk to Ji Nishida, the receptionist, and share the failing conditions of the industries due to Bayu’s brother being in charge of R&D.

He will ask if he should share this knowledge with Bayu. It won’t affect the mission so you can tell him whatever you see fit.

Ask him about Ayumi Komiko and he will need to be persuaded to share some incriminating details about her.

To persuade him you need to pass the 6-bar Persuasion check which is on the easier side. Go with +2 to open the next possibilities and then choose the +5 and +1 options to complete the check.

After a successful persuasion, he will share that Bayu and Ayumi had a fight in her office resulting in Bayu storming out. Komiko records all her meetings and keeps them in a safe that Ji offers to open and all he asks is you keep silent in return.

Enter the door next to the reception and head inside Ayumi’s Office where the safe is mounted on the wall. You will need to crouch down and make sure that security cannot see you take the evidence from her safe.

Loot Ayumi’s Office Safe to complete Absolute Power in Starfield.

Ask Myka about Ayumi Kumiko’s whereabouts

Head back down to the main lobby using the elevator and hug the right side after exiting the building. You will find another entrance to Ebbside entrance through the alley on your right opening directly to Euphorika.

You need to speak to Myka, who is working behind the counter. She might not be very forthcoming with information as she could mistake you for a debt collector.

However, if you let her know that you are from the Crimson Fleet, she will be more willing to help. She’ll tell you that Ayumi is in the Member’s lounge, but you’ll need to pay an entrance fee to access it.

Pay the 5,000 Credits to buy the Euphorika Lounge Pass and head up to talk to Ayumi in Member’s Lounge.

Ask Ayumi for a way into the Generdyne Power Facility which she obviously won’t share. To get the information you will have to either pay her or kill her.

Use the evidence to extort Ayumi Komiko (optional)

After you have the extortion material in hand, you can unlock this objective during the Absolute Power mission of Starfield.

Threaten to leak the evidence to SSNN if she doesn’t hand over the pass and she will comply. This opens a third option to obtain the Generdyne Power Facility entrance pass without payment or murder.

How to deal with Ayumi Komiko choices in Absolute Power.

Should you kill Ayumi Komiko or not for the Access Key?

If you have Credits lying around then paying her is the fastest route to get what you want but it is another story if you kill or extort her.

To extort Ayumi, you will need to first get the information which we found to be pretty quick and easy. We suggest going this route for the safest and most economical option.

Killing her is ill-advised because the consequences are not worth it. All active companions and even the UC SysDef folks will hate you for it. It will also ruin the chances of romancing some Starfield characters

Enter Generdyne Power Facility

With the Generdyne Storage Room Pass key in hand, head outside and use the elevator on the right to head to the Underbelly.

Take a right and you will find the Generdyne facility at the end of your path but don’t use the front door. Instead, head to the right and you will find the Deliveries Only door that you can use to enter the Generdyne Power Core during the Absolute Power mission in Starfield.

You can choose a direct or stealth route depending on your preference as it will not have any effect on the outcome of Absolute Power in Starfield.

The direct route (guns blazing)
Use the vents on the right and drop down the hatch to enter the Generdyne Power Core. Head up the stairs around the corner and enter through the black door to find the basement stairs in the front room.

Head right from there and enter the Conduit Control Room at the very back from where the route is pretty straightforward.

Keep to your right and keep moving forward, down the stairs, across the corridor, and access the room with a lot of computers.

Head up the stairs, through the Master Control Room door and you will find the Conduction Grid Entrance on the bottom right.

Use the Power Storage elevator on your right and head to the Conduction Grid-Lower Level.

The stealth route (no combat)
To avoid being detected make sure you crouch-walk your way through the area. Use the vents on the right, drop down the hatch, and exit out into the facility.

Slowly, make your way around the corner, and up the stairs but make sure that the guard is facing the other way before entering through the door.

To head into the basement you need to take the stairs but there will be a robot at the bottom so wait for him to leave.

Drop down into the vents at the base of the stairs and open the hatch at the end to jump up into a room.

Stay on the right side after you enter through the yellow door, and keep moving forward till you reach the stairs at the end of the corridor.

Head down and open the door at the very back leading you to the computer room with guards and technicians.

Enter the vents behind the computers, proceed to the exit on the right, and wait for the guard to leave before opening the door.

Don’t enter through the Master Control Room main door, instead head around the desk, enter through the vents, and use the hatch a little way ahead to jump down.

Enter the Power Storage area on the left to use the elevator and head to the Conduction Grid-Lower Level. 

Talk to Breyson Bayu

After finally making it down to the main computers during the Absolute Power mission, you will be finally able to download the Conduction Grid Plans in Starfield.

Head straight after collecting the data, up the stairs, and through the door on your right. Hug the wall on the right and enter the vents at the end of the path.

Slowly move up the stairs after exiting the vents and use the door above to enter Bayu’s Office.

He will be waiting to hand over the Encryption Cypher to get back on Ben for once and even shares his terminal passkey so you can take it by yourself.

Upload Estelle’s virus

After getting the free pass from Beyson to get whatever you want from his computer, you will need to use the Chief Technician’s Computer beside him to decrypt the Conduction Grid Data and upload the Estelle’s Subsystems virus.

Take the elevator down to the lobby and you will exit out to Astral Lounge in Neon City where Benjamin Bayu will be in the first room at the right.

He will have knowledge of the virus and will want to know who put you up to the task. You will naturally have multiple ways to deal with this situation.

Should you blame Beyson, lie, or tell the truth to Benjamin Bayu?

You can lie saying it was you or Breyson or tell the truth saying it was Estelle Vincent. It will be up to you to make the decision as whatever you choose will not have any effect on the outcome of the Absolute Power mission in Starfield.

If you blame Beyson, it will take his suspicions away from the Crimson Fleet. If you blame yourself, you will have a bounty on your head. Both choices will not go down well with your companions.

If you want to increase your companion affinity levels, you need to tell the truth. This way, Estelle will be taken care of while your companions and UC SysDef in Starfield will like your choice in Absolute Power.

Report back to Estelle

You will find Estelle in the room behind the bar at Madam Suvage’s Place in Neon City. The virus will be useless to her since Bayu figured it out and she can’t risk getting caught by him.

She will ask for some cash due to the failed project and for the services she provided so you can share as much as you wish.

Head back to the Key at Kryx and speak to Naeva who will direct you to the Repair Bay as requested by Delgado. With the next instructions in hand, you will have successfully completed the Absolute Power mission in Starfield.

Absolute Power mission bugs and fixes

There is a rare bug that players experience near the end of the Absolute Power mission in Starfield where after docking onto the Kryx, the UI disappears making you stuck in the cockpit. There is no information on what causes it and how you will be able to resolve it as of yet.

Starfield – Absolute Power mission rewards

Crimson Fleet missions do end up paying generous rewards, especially in terms of Credits. Completing Absolute Power rewards you with 350 XP and 12400 Credits in Starfield.

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