Starfield Rook Meets King Walkthrough

In "Rook Meets King", you finally get to speak with the Crimson Fleet boss and agree to either join him or stick with the UC in Starfield.

Rook Meets King is part two of a series of faction quests that involves helping the UC Vanguard accumulate enough evidence to take down the Crimson Fleet gang in Starfield.

This is also where you get to choose to either ‘officially’ join the Crimson Fleet as a permanent member or remain an informant for the UC.

How to unlock the Rook Meets King mission

Rook Meets King can be instantly unlocked after you’ve completed the Deep Cover faction mission in Starfield. This is right after you agree to become an informant for the UC Vanguard and infiltrate the Crimson Fleet gang members.

How to complete Rook Meets King in Starfield

To complete Rook meets King, you must rendezvous with Naeva Mora at the Astraea Space Station located on Jupiter’s Moon called Europa in Starfield.

Approach Astraea and accept the request from Mora to make contact with you. Mora will ask you to take out Austin Rake to prove your loyalty to the Crimson Fleet.

Austin Rake can be found in a Ragana ship orbiting near Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. Ragana ships come under the category of medic ships with no defenses at all, making it easier for you to take out Rake.


Once you’ve found the Raganna ship, make comms with it and inquire about Austin. The captain of the ship Dmitri will confirm that he’s on board. Board the ship and decide how you want the situation to work.

Kill everyone on Ragana or just Austin?

Here, the Rook Meets King mission will give you the option to either kill everyone on the Ragana or persuade the captain to kill Austin himself in Starfield. The outcome is going to be the same either way.

Defend Astraea from the mercenaries

Once you’ve dealt with Austin Rake return back to Europa where you’ll find out Ecliptic Mercenaries have opened fire on Astraea. Charge your weapons and defend Astraea.

The Mercenaries will have level 12 ships making it a bit difficult to take them down however, once they’ve been defeated, Mora will accept you as a Crimson Fleet member and invite you to the Key.

The Key is a ship that houses the Crimson Fleet members in Starfield. The Key can be found orbiting Suvorov in the Kryx system but before you head over to the Key, you must report back to Commander Ikande.

Speak with Commander Ikande

After earning your title of a Crimson Fleet member by killing Austin Rake and defending Mora from the Ecliptic Mercenaries, make your way to speak with Commander Ikande at the Sydef HQ orbiting near Mars.

Commander Ikande will ask you about the murder of Austin Rake and will inform you that the attack done by Ecliptic Mercenaries was his idea to help you gain Mora’s trust by defending her.

Visit the Key

After speaking with Commander Ikande, travel to the Kryx system to visit the Key in Starfield. The Kryx system is quite far and out of the UC-controlled territory making you refuel your Grav Jump a few times.

Once you dock with the Key, you’ll instantly encounter a gruesome murder in front of you done by a Crimson Fleet member to someone who crossed him.

Mora will be sitting right next to the Crimson Fleet member speculating the whole incident. Speak with her and she’ll give you a tour of the Key.

At some point during the tour, Mora will ask you to speak with Shinya Voss who will tell you to go up the elevator to the center of the Key where Delgado will be waiting to speak to you.

Join the Crimson Fleet or stick with the UC?

Delgado is the boss of the Crimson Fleet. After speaking with him, you’ll be given a choice to either accept his offer and become a Crimson Fleet member or double-cross him to stay an informant for the UC Vanguard.

Meeting with Delgado marks the end of the Rook Meets King faction mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Rook Meets King mission rewards

  • 5800 Credits
  • Pirate Swash Buckler Gear
  • 250XP

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