Starfield Breaking The Bank Walkthrough

In Breaking the Bank, you have to find some incriminating evidence on Larry Dumbrosky who is aboard a cruise ship in Starfield.

“Breaking the Bank” in Starfield is a faction mission for the Crimson Fleet where you must find some way to get the Galbank executive credentials from a rather scummy personality, Larry Dumbrosky. He is aboard a cruise ship with a lot of guests, one of whom probably has some dirt on him. However, will they be willing to speak to us that easily? Not a chance.  

The mission will eventually force you to trigger an emergency lockdown on the ship just to get some private time with one NPC. In this guide, we will take you on a long journey to decide the fate of Larry Dumbrosky and get some loot by Breaking the Bank in Starfield. 

“Breaking the Bank” has a pretty straightforward prerequisite in Starfield. The only thing you need to do to unlock this Crimson Fleet faction mission is to complete Echoes of the Past, a rather long mission to endure.

Board Siren of the Stars

When ready, board your ship and travel to the Aranae system. You should see the Siren of the Stars right ahead, orbiting the Aranae IV planet. Dock and board the Siren of the Stars cruise ship to speak with its guests. 

You will be stopped by Captain Rokov as soon as you enter Siren of the Stars. He can prove to be a bit nosy here, but endure him because Rokov is going to be your eyes and ears on the ship during the Breaking the Bank mission in Starfield. 

Here is how you need to deal with Rokov quickly. Firstly, decline to give him any information. Then, offer him 2500 credits to shut him up. Rokov apparently wants to get back into the Crimson Fleet, with your help of course. He will also give you the Starview Access Pass, which can unlock every door and corridor on the Siren of the Stars ship. 

Make your way through the kitchen and storage to reach the Starview Ballroom. Speak with the guests (patrons) here and ask about Larry Dumbrosky. Most of them are going to give you the same answer but continue speaking with the guests until the objective is marked finished. 

One of the patrons is going to tell you to speak with a woman named Klaudia Swist. She can be found in the guest suite above and apparently has some information about Larry Dumbrosky. 

You will also meet Sheila here, who will tell you about the Earth Savior Award. This is an optional (and rather important) objective for the “Breaking the Bank” mission in Starfield. 

However, before going to find Klaudia Swist, you should get the ES Award.

How to find the ES Award in Starfield

Sheila Holbrooke is the head of the ES award committee. You need to take the stairs above and meet her at the bar. Speak with Sheila and you will know that the ES Award trophy is locked in the Pursuer’s master safe.

So, who is the Pursuer? Make your way north to the guest suites and enter the Purser’s office in the east. Speak with Chief Purser Murata to learn about the safe and then return to Sheila Holbrooke at the bar below. 

Ask Sheila about the Claim ID you need to open the Purser’s safe. You need to pass a high persuasion check here with six bars to successfully persuade Sheila. Go with the +2 and +4 dialogue choices. You should have a good enough persuasion skill level at this point in the game. Persuading Sheila should not be that big of a problem. 

Once you pass the persuasion check and have the Claim ID to open the safe containing ES award, return to the Purser’s office and use the computer. Head into the back room and use the Claim ID to take the ES Award trophy (and some credits) from the safe.

What to do with the ES award

Later in the quest, you will get three options regarding the ES award. If you find ES award without Captain Rokov’s help, you will earn a lot more credits by selling it. However, if Rokov is involved with you finding the ES award, his cut will be delivered to him before you get the remaining 16000 credits. You can always choose to keep the award but given the circumstances, we strongly recommend against it.

Search for Larry Dumbrosky

With the ES Award out of the way, you can now head over to the guest suites to speak with Klaudia Swist. You can deal with her in two ways. You can either use your persuasion skills to convince her to give you information about Dumbrosky, or you can bribe her with 2500 credits to give you information on Larry Dumbrosky.

Once that is done, Klaudia Swist will point you toward your next objective, which involves finding and talking to Gabriel Vera. 

Go back downstairs to the ballroom and find Gabriel Vera near the buffet tables. He is a corrupt UC cop who has been scamming GalBank with Klaudia Swist. Hence, he is not going to be that easy to speak to. You can try your best, but Gabriel is not going to share any information with you.

Return to Captain Rokov

After hitting a dead end, you must return to Rokov to update him on all your recent developments. He is going to suggest you cause a ship lockdown by tampering with the life-support systems of the cruise ship. This will force everyone to return to their rooms, something you can use to get information out of Gabriel.

You need to reach the Environmental Control Computer to tamper with the life-support systems. Head down to the engineering deck through the ballroom and keep going until you bump into Chief Sandin. 

He is not going to let you through. You can either bribe him with some credits here or tell him that Rokov is willing to forgive his gambling debt. Choose any option you want, but the outcome is going to be the same. 

Wait until Sandin goes out of the room and then use his computer to gain access to the life-support systems. Head into the next room and throw the three levers to sound off the alarms and trigger a ship-wide lockdown. 

With the emergency lockdown in place, head back to the guest suites and find Gabriel Vera in the northeast corner. You will have three choices here to make him talk. 

You can, of course, bribe him with some credits. You can mention that you are an undercover UC agent, or that you are working with and for the Crimson Fleet.  

You can also attack him to make him sing like a canary about the whereabouts of Larry Dumbrosky. However, attacking Gabriel Vera will make everyone hostile towards you on the ship. You are going to become a wanted criminal on the ship the moment you attack Gabriel Vera, so make sure to have your weapons ready if you are going along the hard route.

Should you kill or spare Larry Dumbrosky

The moment you have been waiting for all this time is finally here. You can finally confront Dumbrosky with all the information you have gathered on him. 

Find him on the upper floor of the guest suites and go through the dialogues. Dumbrosky will agree to buy all the incriminating evidence you have on him in exchange for his GalBank credentials. 

At this point, you will get two options. Either to kill Larry Dumbrosky or spare him. If you decide to kill him, it will anger both UC SysDef and your active companion. Everyone on the ship will become hostile towards you, making it almost impossible to escape. However, if you decide to spare Larry Dumbrosky, it will please UC SysDef and your active companion. There will be no bloodshed, and you can leave Siren of the Stars peacefully. 

Honestly, we recommend that you take the latter option as violence, in this case, only results in negative impacts. Leaving Larry Dumbrosky is a much better option than killing him during the Breaking the Bank quest in Starfield.

Go to Galbank Archives

Captain Rokov will be waiting for you near the guest suite exit. Speak with him and give your thanks for his help. He, obviously, will want to rejoin the Crimson Fleet, which you can do by putting in a good word for him with the authorities. 

Return to your ship and chart a course for Galbank in New Atlantis to get your rewards. Make your way to the Commercial District after landing in New Atlantis on Jemison. You can take the train here for faster travel. Reach the large green Galbank building and take the elevator down to the Archives.

When stopped by the guard, use your credentials to pass through. You will, however, notice that he is acting a bit weird. If you fail to find out, know that the security guard is being held hostage by an Ecliptic Mercenary Squad. They are waiting to kill you inside. 

Get ready for a fight. Reload your weapons and heal up before entering the vaults. We recommend ignoring the Ecliptic Contractor on the upper floor because he is going to be hard to kill. Get rid of the other enemies and then move your attention to the level 18 Contractor. 

Once everyone is dead, access the Galbank archives computer and pull the files on the lost ships. You are going to get information on the Legacy ship and the last known location of the Supremacy ship. The former is the last mission in the Kryx questline, while the latter is an opportunity to earn over 1 million credits.

Return to the Key and speak with Naeva

Head back to the Key and speak with Delgado and Naeva. If you really want to thank Captain Rokov for his help on the Siren of the Stars, vouch for him and get him reinstated to the Crimson Fleet. 

Delgado and Naeva will then start talking about the Legacy ship and their plan to use a “ComSpike” to track the ship’s transponder. Wait until the conversation is over and then follow Naeva to tell her about the ES Award you nabbed from the cruise ship. Give her the ES Award trophy and you will receive a good number of credits in return. 

You now need to update Commander Ikande about what happened during the Breaking the Bank mission in Starfield. Head to Aranae IV in the Aranae system to find the UC SysDef HQ. 

Speak with Ikande to complete Breaking the Bank in Starfield and start your next mission, The Best There is.

The only reward for completing the Breaking the Bank mission in Starfield is a measly 350 XP. There are no bonus credits to add to your inventory. However, if you do manage to complete the ES Award objective, you will gain over 16000 credits at least.

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