Best Pistols In Starfield

Nothing more satisfying than a handgun-inflicted headshot.

Starfield sports an impressive collection of weapon types, each packed with a variety of special quirks that make flexible usage of weapons common. That said, finding the right weapon for the job is important. Due to their relatively low mass compared to other weapons, pistols are a good comfort pick for deep space exploration as they leave you with more inventory room to pick other items.

The original purpose of these sidearms is to support your build but the best Starfield pistols can potentially outshine your main weapons in certain scenarios.  

Below is a list of some of the best pistols you can find to help you on your journey. We have also ranked these pistols in Starfield so you know which ones are the hottest guns to get.


Certain skills can boost your pistol damage significantly. Ballistics, Pistol Certification, Sharpshooting under Combat, Concealment under Physical, and Isolation under Social tree are a few good ones to get.

6. Deadeye

Modifications: 2
Special Trait: None
How to get: Obtained as a reward from the sheriff after completing the Deputized mission to become a Deputy for Freestar Rangers.

A beautiful revolver with a white base and golden ornate, the Deadeye is one of the best-looking handguns in Starfield. It holds 6 bullets in its magazine which can be shot at the fire rate of 12, for 67 physical damage.

Since it belongs to a common rarity, it has no special effects with its shots. This can be countered with its decent accuracy and high damage output.

Getting the Laser Sight and Penetrative Rounds modifications will improve the experience so we do recommend decking it out if you want a dependable sidearm for your journey.

5. Trickshot

Modifications: 4
Special Trait: Skipshot
How to get: Loot from Mech Husks on planet Niira’s 1-of-a-kind Salvage settlement in Narion System.

The Trickshot is a ballistic pistol that deals 110 Physical damage. It has a smaller mag capacity of 6 and can target enemies only within a 30m radius. The 34 fire rate and the 63.6% accuracy won’t seem much but the special effects and modifications are what put this handgun on the list.

Skipshot makes every fourth shot fire two additional projectiles. This special shot deals damage equal to a Crit Hit and can also Crit itself for additional damage. We recommend getting the Hair Trigger mod for it to turn it into a beast.


Always try to loot higher-level ships that you find parked on planets. You can find advanced weapons inside that you could otherwise not get in the early game.

4. The Prime

Modifications: 5
Special Trait: Elemental
How to get: Purchase from Laredo Firearms in Akila City.

The Prime has a six-bullet magazine with each bullet dealing an impressive 61 physical damage. It can shoot targets within a range of 48m with high accuracy reaching up to 80%.

With Elemental active, your next shot randomly deals a new type of damage between Corrosive, Incendiary, Radiation, and Poison. This makes it quite effective as a long-range sniping pistol to fish for headshots.

Regarding the 5 pre-existing weapon modification slots, the Laser Sight and Penetrator rounds are quite noteworthy for their utility in accuracy and damage. The extended mag is also a good one to slot in if you find yourself running out of bullets too quickly.

3. Mutineer

Modifications: 4
Special Trait: Space Adept Effect
How to get: Found behind an advanced lock door in the lower levels of Vladimir’s house. His house is on Syrma VII’s moon Syrma VII-a in the Syrma system. To get the exact location, ask Vladimir about his past with Crimson Fleet during Into the Unknown mission.

This unique ballistic pistol is a space combat enthusiast’s dream. The Mutineer has high physical damage of 181 with a fire rate of 161. This makes it obliterate anything that comes within a 30m radius.

The reason why it’s best for fights in space is because of its Space Adept Effect. It makes the Mutineer deal 30% more damage in space but 15% less on land. Out of the four mods you can get, the Depleted Uranium Rounds and Magnetic Rails make the biggest impact on its output.

2. Keelhauler

Modifications: 4
Special Trait: Staggering, Berserker, Frenzy
How to get: Reward for completing the Echos of the Past mission from the Crimson Fleet questline.

The Keelhauler pistol comes equipped with 4 weapon mods, i.e., Long Barrel, Recon Laser Sight, Compensator, and Fully Automatic. The fully automatic mod adds high burst fire capability to the weapon, making it quite effective at quickly taking down foes.

Beyond that, Keelhauler comes equipped with 3 perks, namely, Staggering to trigger the stagger effect on enemies, Berserker, which deals more damage the less armor one has, and Frenzy, which has a small chance to trigger the frenzy status in a target.

It also sports high base damage at 86 physical damage and a fire rate of 140, making the Keelhauler pistol one of the best ballistic weapons in Starfield.

1. Va’Ruun Starshard

Va’Ruun Starshard pistol has a spawn chance, but it's all worth it in Starfield.

Modifications: 7
Special Trait: Particle Beam
How to get: Loot corpses of hostile Va’Ruun soldiers.

The Va’Ruun Starshard is a rare pistol in Starfield that mostly appears very late in the game. It deals a mix of 26 Physical and 80 Energy damage, making it quite handy in dealing with various enemy types. With 70% accuracy, a range of 30m, and 12 Clip Size, the slow fire rate of 12 is almost a negligible downside.

Combining that with its high accuracy and long range, the pistol is good for medium-range engagements. It has 7 spare weapon mod slots so you can mix, match, and tune up its already impressive base capabilities even further.


If you haven’t found a Va’Ruun weapon yet, salvage and loot the ships in the Serpentis system as a lot of Va’Ruun ones spawn there.

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