Starfield The Best There Is Walkthrough

You need to infiltrate the SY-920 space station to steal a prototype ship to complete "The Best There Is" in Starfield.

“The Best There Is” is another interesting faction mission of the Crimson Fleet in Starfield where you are working as an undercover informant for the UC Vanguard.

You will need to test your persuasion and stealth skills once again by infiltrating the confidential UC Station and getting the ComSpike.

Sounds easy? It can be if you follow our walkthrough.

How to unlock “The Best There Is” mission

After completing Breaking the Bank, Naeva Mora will ask you to infiltrate the space station SY-920 to steal a prototype. Speak with Mora at the Key to start the Best There Is faction mission in Starfield.

How to complete “The Best There Is” in Starfield

Speak with Naeva Mora at the Key to learn details about your next assignment. Naeva will instruct you to meet with a smuggler who works for the UC Vanguard known as Huan Daiyu in New Atlantis.

Meet Huan Daiyu

Huan Daiyu will be present at the Well in New Atlantis. Huan will inform you that she and her crew work for the SY-920 by supplying them with cargo.


She will then proceed to tell you that you have to blend in with one of the crew members to get access to the deeper parts of the space station.

When your conversation has ended, she’ll ask you to board her ship, Jade Swan. She can be found right next to your ship in New Atlantis. Enter her ship and speak with Huan to gather more intel on her.

Huan will then charge the Grav Jump to head to the Luyten’s Rock where the SY-920 can be found.

Wait till she has docked her ship with the space station and then speak to her to gather more information on how to steal the prototype.

Enter the SY-920 and find a uniform

After you’ve docked with the SY-920, your next objective is to reach the command bay that will lead to the barracks in the space station.

However, the SY-920 is a heavily guarded space station making it difficult to reach inside. To get past the security clearance, persuade the guards to let you in by telling them you forgot your uniform at home.

Once the guards let you in, head towards the barracks and find yourself an Ensign uniform so that the guards don’t stop you while you explore the space station.

Use your quest marker to find the elevator that takes you up the command bay. When you enter the command bay, you’ll find a UC officer asking you to state your business.

Tell him that you’re on duty and move forward where you’ll find an intercom on the side through which you can communicate with Huan who’ll guide you through The Best There Is faction quest in Starfield

Find information in the Command Bay

After speaking with Huan on the intercom, an option will be prompted on how you can find information on the Comspike prototype that the Crimson Fleet gang wants so badly.

Find the clearance codes

After speaking with Huan on the intercom in the Command Bay she’ll ask you to find the clearance code that accesses the checkpoint up ahead.

The clearance code will be located in the security room. Select the clearance code option on your quest marker to find the security room.

Use your digpicking skills to unlock the security room door, access the computer, and select the option that matches your ensign uniform’s number. The computer will provide you with designated clearance codes

Make your way to the archive room which will be right next to the security room and speak with a UC officer and tell him the clearance codes you just received.

Your quest marker will point you toward the computer that has relevant information on the Comspike prototype. The computer will let you know that the Comspike is located in Engineering Bay 4.

Head to Engineering Bay 4

Once you’ve used the quest marker to get to Engineering Bay 4, speak with Huan on the intercom where she’ll inform you that she’s left the space station and is orbiting it now.

Once that is done head to the lowest floor through the research labs where you’ll find Doctor Vogel in his office.

Should you betray Huan or persuade Dr. Vogel?

Upon interaction speak with Dr. Vogel, tell him that you need the Comspike, and he’ll reply by telling you that the prototype needs an experienced pilot. There are a few ways you can use to arrange a test flight.

Betray Huan and use it as a distraction
You can tell Dr. Vogel that the captain of the Jade Swan (Huan) is trying to steal the Comspike prototype. Use this distraction to let the Doctor hand you over the key cards to the Comspike so you can return them to the UC SyDef.

This option works best if you’ve still chosen to be an informant for the UC Vanguard. Huan will be upset with you but the ‘The Best There Is’ faction quest will play out the same way in Starfield.

Persuade Dr. Vogel that you’re the Test Pilot
Use your persuasion skills to let Dr. Vogel believe that you are the test pilot for the Comspike. Vogel will hand you over the key card for the prototype ship.

Find a pilot suit in the bathroom to help with your persuasion.

Steal the Key card from Dr. Vogel
Your last resort is to pickpocket the key card from Dr. Vogel to complete the Best There Is mission in Starfield. This is another stealth-based task that can prove challenging.

Escape SY-920 with the Comspike

After you’ve acquired the Key Card from Dr Vogel head to the Docking 5-9. Choose the dock with number 8 as your key card is for dock 8 and begin your test flight.

Be sure to make it quick as the space station will attack you. Select the Key on your map and prepare the ship to Grav jump.

Speak with Huan at the Key and then proceed to speak with Delgado, the Crimson Fleet leader.

Report back to Commander Ikande

To put an end to the Best There Is faction quest in Starfield report back to Commander Ikande on what you did.

Starfield – The Best There Is mission rewards

  • 9600 Credits
  • 250 XP

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