How To Get Cobalt In Starfield

Best ways to get Cobalt and continue your research.

Symbolized by the dark blue color in resources, Cobalt is a common resource in Starfield. You can find it on many planets, but most have it in low quantities. However, once you find a planet with a large area filled with Cobalt, it’s pretty easy to farm it.

This guide will help you locate the planets with a good amount of cobalt, how to mine and extract it, and where to buy it from.

How to farm Cobalt in Starfield?

The easier way is to mine by hand. First, take out the scanner and look for Cobalt ores. The scanner will show the ores in blue and the code for cobalt on the side. Go up to it and mine it with a weapon called Cutter.

Another way is to put up extractors. They don’t require you to roam around in person, thus being more efficient. To find the right area for extractors, take out your scanner and look where the ground turns blue. In the area where you find any blue spots, stop and set up your system.

Once you find a nice spot, it is better to build an extractor. Before that, you’ll need to build an outpost beacon so this area is within reach and accessible. Then, plant an extractor, the main machine used to extract a resource from the ground that is not within reach with a cutter. You will need the following resources to build an extractor.

Next, you’ll need a power supply for the extractor to work. Cobalt is mostly in colder planets, so a wind turbine or fueled generator would be a better option as a power supply for extractors. Finally, finish with Storage bins for solid materials and collect cobalt in Starfield as much as you want.

Best Planets to farm Cobalt (Co)

A better way is to see which planet has the most area covered in the blue color used for Cobalt and travel there. Once you find a planet like this, mining it is not hard, and cobalt would be easier to collect. To check the planets that have cobalt, look at the statistics on the left side of the screen and then use the button to show resources.

Once you find a planet, land on it and use a scanner to see where the ground turns blue. Use these clues to keep mining or set up an extractor. To make things easier, we have provided the list of best systems and planets where you can find abundant cobalt.

Alpha CentauriLovell, Voss, Zamka, Hawley
EridaniEridani II, Eridani VIII-b, Eridani VIII-d
CheyenneAkila, Skink, Montara Luna, Stellis A, Stellis C, Stellis D, Belwah, Bismark
JaffaJaffa II-a, Jaffa VII-c, Jaffa VII-d
Alpha MaraeAlpha Marae I, Alpha Marae IV-b
Beta MaraeBeta Marae II, Beta Marae IV-b
DecaranDecaran III, Decaran VIII-b
ShozaShoza II, Shoza II-a, Shoza IV, Shoza VII-c, Shoza VIII-d
MuphridMuphrid V-c, Muphrid V-d, Muphrid VII-b, Muphrid VIII-c, Muphrid VIII-d
FreyaFreya IV, Freya V, Freya IX-b
HeinleinHeinlein V, Heinlein VI-a, Heinlein VI-d
LantanaLantana IV, Lantana VI, Lantana VIII-b, Lantana VIII-d, Lantana IX-c
KumasiKumasi II, Kumasi III, Kumasi IV, Kumasi V-e, Kumasi VIII-d
Xi OphiuchiXi Ophiuchi V, Xi Ophiuchi VI-d, Xi Ophiuchi VII-b
AlchibaAlchiba I, Alchiba III-c, Alchiba IV-a, Alchiba VII-b
MasadaMasada III, Masada IV, Masada V-a
SyrmaSyrma I, Syrma III, Syrma VII-a
CharybdisCharybdis IV, Charybdis VI, Charybdis VII-d
LeonisLeonis I-b, Leonis IV, Leonis VI, Leonis VII, Leonis IX
ZelaznyZelazny VII-a, Zelazny VII-b, Zelazny VIII-c
MardukMarduk II, Marduk V, Marduk VI, Marduk IX, Marduk IX-b
ArchimedesArchimedes I, Archimedes V-b, Archimedes VI
FermiFermi IV, Fermi V, Fermi VII-a, Fermi IX-a
StrixStrix III-a, Strix III-c, Strix IV

How to buy Cobalt in Starfield?

The best vendors for Cobalt is Jemison Mercantile in Jemison and Mining League in Volii Alpha. Both can be found during missions, making them easier to approach or find.

Jemison MercantileNew Atlantis
Jane’s GoodsCydonia
Sieghart’s OutfittersNeon
Mining LeagueNeon
Midtown MineralsAkila City
UC Distribution CenterNew Atlantis
New Homestead StoreNew Homestead
Jane’s GoodsGagarin Landing
General StoreParadiso

There is another way of getting Cobalt in Starfield, and that is by using the console command. The console command for Cobalt is as follows:

player.additem 00005575 N

Put the number in place of N in the code, and you’ll get the amount of Cobalt according to your choice.

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