How To Recruit Lin And Heller In Starfield

Both Lin and Heller are members of Constellation, and you can recruit them during "Back to Vectra" main quest in Starfield.

The duo of Lin and Heller appears during “Back to Vectra” main quest and helps you to rescue Barrett from space pirates. As you guys are old friends from Argos, you can recruit Lin and Heller as crew members in Starfield. However, you can’t romance either of them in the game. 

In this guide, we will look at how Lin and Heller’s paths cross with Barrett in Starfield and how you can recruit them in the game.

Lin and Heller Location in Starfield 

Lin and Heller were miners with you who recovered the artifact in One Small Step before Barrett came along and sent you to Constellation. After starting the “Back to Vectra” main quest, you will meet them again. This quest starts quite later in the game, so you’ll have to wait a bit before meeting them again.

Travel to Argos Extractor Outpost on Vectra and meet Lin there after starting the quest. Once you talk to her, she will tell you that both Heller and Barrett are missing. She will request you to find their whereabouts by solving the computer terminal puzzle. Find three energy cells to reboot the computer terminal and get a clue about where the pirates might have taken Heller and Barrett. 

Starfield how to recruit Lin and Heller

Once you complete the puzzle in the Back to Vectra quest, you must talk to Lin. After a lengthy conversation, you can recruit Lin as your crew member in Starfield. She will accept the offer gladly. You can now assign her to your ship. However, she won’t join you on missions. Now read the computer terminal and travel to a random planet shown on the terminal. 

Once you reach the planet, you will find a destroyed ship. Look around and you will notice Heller on the ground near it. He will hand over a data disc to you. Listen to the data disc to find the exact location of the pirate’s safehouse where Barrett is.

Once you are ready for departure, talk to Heller once again. Ask him to join your crew, to which he will agree instantly. This is how you can recruit Heller as your companion in Starfield.

Lin and Heller Stats and Skills in Starfield  

After you’ve recruited Lin and Heller, they are free to join your crew in Starfield and can be stationed anywhere you please. Each character offers their own unique perspectives to your crew in addition to their very distinct skill sets and stats.  

Lin’s Skills: Outpost management (Rank 3) and Demolition (Rank 1)  

Heller Skills: Outpost Engineering (Rank 3) and Geology (Rank 1) 

Both Lin and Heller are best suited for outpost stationing as they possess the stats to be most useful there. Heller in particular should be assigned to a planet where you plan to mine materials.

How to fix Starfield Lin and Heller disappeared bug in Starfield 

In some cases, after you complete the Back to Vectra quest in Starfield, both Lin and Heller might disappear from your ship or wherever you decided to station them. This bug may occur if you decide to change your ship after recruiting them. It can also occur even if you don’t do this. Here is how you can fix this:

  • Try switching back to your old ship 
  • Try doing a side mission from one of the many mission boards  
  • Go to your outposts and see if they’re anywhere to be found  
  • Restart the game 
  • Reload a previously saved file 

How to Recruit Lin and Heller in Starfield New Game + 

In NG+ recruiting Lin and Heller work slightly differently. When you initiate an NG+ run in Starfield, you can skip a part of the story after meeting Sarah Morgan. You will miss out on recruiting certain companions which unfortunately also includes Lin and Heller.

To recruit them in a New Game Plus run, always make sure not to skip the main story missions in Starfield. However, if you’re on PC, you can still recruit them through console commands.

To do this, open the console command dialogue using the ‘~’ key and type in ‘startquest 0001638D 10’ to start the Back to Vectera quest. Next, type in ‘prid 0000563C’ followed by ‘moveto player’. This will allow you to talk to Heller, and you can recruit him like you did on your fresh save file.

Once you’ve done this open the console command dialogue once more and type ‘prid 0005639’ followed by ‘moveto player’ This will allow you to talk to Lin and you can recruit her.  

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