How To Recruit Barrett In Starfield

Barrett is a Constellation member and an excellent engineer in starfield who you can recruit by saving him from the clutches of space pirates.

Barrett, a grieving husband, and an excellent engineer, is one of the companions you can recruit in Starfield. He belongs to the Constellation faction and becomes available to hire once you complete his companion quest “Back to Vectra”. Barrett firmly believes in the laws of society and absolutely despises people who don’t abide by them. 

In this guide, we will talk briefly about how you can rescue Barrett from pirates and ask him to join your crew. We will also look at his capabilities and why Barrett is the perfect recruit to handle your ship’s engineering and weapon systems in Starfield.

How to recruit Barrett in Starfield

Barrett is one of the earliest Constellation members that you will come across in Starfield. After all, he is the one who gives you your first free ship. Barrett only becomes available as a companion to recruit once you finish “Back to Vectra” main quest. You can also recruit both Lin and Heller as crew members during this mission.

Back to Vectra is the third main quest in the game. Once you select this mission, the game asks you to return to Vectra to check in on Lin and Barrett. Make your way to Argos Extractors and talk to Lin. She will ask you to fix computer terminals and find three energy cells. 

Lin will also let you know of the pirate invasion and that both Heller and Barrett are taken as captives. To find Barrett’s location to rescue and recruit him in Starfield, you need to complete Computer Terminal puzzle by finding three power cells. Once you find all the power cells, insert them in their respective slots to get a hint about Barrett’s location. 

At this point, you can recruit Lin as your companion by talking to her. Now you will get a prompt to travel to a random planet to save Barrett and Heller from pirates and recruit them in Starfield. Upon landing on the planet, talk to Heller and ask him to join your crew as well. Take the data disc from Heller and listen to its transmission. This will let you know Barrett’s exact location. He is on Bessel III planet of Bessel star system. 


Once you reach Bessel III, travel to the village that is being captured by the pirates. Matsura, the pirate captain, will ask for a fee of 4,000 credits to let Barrett go. You can ask Sarah to pay the fee if you have already recruited her. You can also pay the fee yourself or use persuasion checks to convince Matsura to let Barrett go. This will make you one step closer to recruiting Barrett in Starfield.

If all these non-hostile options fail, you can simply shoot Matsura and start the fight. This is a level 10 combat and can pose a serious threat if you are not fully prepared. Once the pirates are dead, talk to Barrett and inquire about his artifact. This will complete “Back to Vectra” main quest and now you can recruit Barrett as your permanent companion in Starfield.

Stats and skills

Once Barrett permanently joins your crew in Starfield, he has the following skills to offer. 

  • Rank 4 of Starship Engineering 
  • Rank 3 of Particle Beam Weapons System on ship 
  • Rank 2 of Robotics 
  • Rank 1 of Gastronomy 

You can also romance Barrett and ask him for marriage once you max his approval ratings. Due to his amazing engineering skills, we recommend that you assign him to the ship. Barrett is also capable of handling weapon systems which makes him an interesting recruit.

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