How To Get Godsplitter In Remnant 2

The Godsplitter is a melee weapon in Remnant 2 that is made from a unique crafting ingredient, the Melded Hilt.

The Godsplitter is a melee weapon in Remnant 2. This blade has a badass appearance and has been created using the secret Fae metal. The Godsplitter shows its maximum potential in team plays due to its low attack boost but greater precision.

It also comes with its own permanently equipped mod, but before getting into the mods and stats, let us look at how to take this blade from the imposter king.

Remnant 2 Godsplitter Location and Walkthrough

The Godsplitter melee weapon is made from a unique crafting ingredient, the Melded Hilt, made by the union of two metals, gold and obsidian. This crafting material is in the possession of Imposter King Faerin, one of the main bosses in Remnant 2.

To come across Faerin, you must play through the Losomn quest and go to the Malefic Gallery. This is where you will face the imposter king Faerin and commence the fight.

Faerin will fight in three phases, with the first beginning at full health in Remnant 2. He will mainly use an Upward Slash attack during this phase, and you can easily dodge it. However, he will also use an Energy Ball for ranged attacks that players must destroy by attacking it.

When half of his health is gone, the second phase will begin, in which Faerin will make the swords of the statues attack you in Remnant 2. The Energy Balls of this phase will also be quicker and more severe.


The last phase will begin at 25% health. Faerin will replace his Energy Balls with Energy Rain, where many balls will fall from the sky. Dodge this attack quickly for lesser damage. He can also impale you using his sword. The best strategy is to move around soon while targeting his head. This will eventually take him out.

Once Faerin dies, he will give off the Melded Hilt as loot, the Lumenite Crystal (x6), and 1035 Scraps. Now, all left is to go to Ava McCabe’s Store in Ward 13 and craft the coveted Godsplitter melee weapon using the Melded Hilt, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scraps.

Godsplitter weapon Stats, Mods, and Mutators

The Godsplitter melee weapon in Remnant 2 has a damage stat of 38 at its base level. But you can upgrade it up to 76 on the +10 level. As for the Weak Spot, damage provides an additional 50% chance with a 2% chance of a Critical Hit. The Stagger modifier stat is -20% for this blade.

This weapon also comes with a unique mod, the Fracture Mod. You cannot remove this mod. The Fracture mod increases this blade’s damage as it registers all the attacks as Weakspot Hits. You can also increase the duration of the Weakspot hits up to 35 seconds.

As far as the Mutators are concerned, the Godsplitter has no mutator equipped from the get-go. However, it is compatible with mutators, so you can add any of the Melee or Ranged Mutators in its slot to improve it further.

Godsplitter Builds

The best build for the Godsplitter in Remnant 2 is the High Tech Sentinel build based on heavy weapons, significant damage reduction, and combat flexibility.

This build requires the Challenger archetype. Choose the Plasma Cutter for Long Gun with Heat Sink Mod and Momentum Mutator. Select the enigma equipped with Chaos Driver weapon mod and Harmonizer mutator for the Hand Gun. Godsplitter will be the melee weapon with the Fracture mod.

You can use the Range Finder amulet and rings such as the Mechanic’s Cog, Probability Cord, Grounding Stone, and Braided Thorns.

Along with the Vigor, Footwork, Expertise, Glutton, Swiftness, Barkskin, and Endurance traits, the Dragon Heart Relic is required for this build. 

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