How To Get The Probability Cord Ring In Remnant 2

The Probability Cord in Remnant 2 is a special ring that is super advantageous for crit builds, especially for snipers.

The Probability Cord in Remnant 2 is a special ring that is super advantageous for crit builds. This ring has major benefits and can greatly benefit you during battle. Although equipping this ring isn’t as difficult, players usually miss it due to its perplexing location.

If you want the Probability Cord ring and are unsure how to get it, you’ve landed at the right spot. This guide will provide a walkthrough of the entire process of how to equip the Probability Cord in Remnant 2. So, let’s get started.

The Probability Cord ring location in Remnant 2

To get the Probability Cord in Remnant 2, you must roll your game to the Root Earth storyline. This ring is located far down this storyline, and its location remains constant since this world isn’t subject to RNG. You can check the location of the Probability Cord on the map below.

The Probability Cord is located inside the Root Earth world somewhere inside the Corrupted Harbor. As you progress through this area, you’ll come to a checkpoint.

You’ll be able to see the ring across the stairs from this checkpoint location, but you’ll find no way to get there. Therefore, we must search for a pathway to this ring.

What you’ll have to do is travel down the stairs and progress forward while fighting enemies until you get to the boiler room. Over here, you’ll face a bunch of enemies and two elites you must defeat if you want to keep moving forward.


After defeating your enemies in this area, find stairs and head up on them. Then, take a right to travel forward, and you’ll find more stairs.

Once you get up there, make a left and follow the path that will lead you to even more stairs. As you travel up, you’ll find a gigantic root along the right side of the platform outside the area.

You must head straight on this root path and reach a point where you must jump down. After making the drop, turn back, and you’ll see a purple glowing item in the hallway. This is the Probability Cord ring that you can now equip.

Is the Probability Cord good in Remnant 2?

The Probability Cord is a very powerful ring you can find and equip in Remnant 2, as it increases Critical Damage by 30%.

This will allow you to unleash lethal strikes onto your enemies whenever you aim for a critical hit. If you’re using a crit build or land critical hits consistently, this ring will greatly boost your combats.

The Probability Cord best couples with the Gunslinger or Hunter archetype. The power of this ring is not restricted to single-shot weapons like snipers; it also works with other weapons like LMGs. The increased critical damage will allow you to destroy anything in your way.

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