How To Get The Diverting Heart In Remnant 2

The Diverting Heart has to be bought from Cass' shop in Ward 13, but only after you have defeated 30 world bosses in Remnant 2.

Diverting Heart is a unique Relic in Remnant 2 that was tested extensively for its potential healing abilities but eventually yielded negative results.

This Relic has an unusual appearance of a red mechanical heart with metal pipes in place of traditional heart tubes.

It provides skill cool down and can become an integral part of any build. Diverting Heart is available for purchase at Cass’s shop in Ward 13. Let’s go over how to get Diverting Heart in Remnant 2.

How to get the Diverting Heart in Remnant 2

The Diverting Heart has to be bought from Cass’ shop in Ward 13, but only after you have defeated 30 world bosses in Remnant 2.

Do note that the 30-figure is based on its wiki listing. Many players have managed to find the Diverting Heart in Cass’ shop after defeating 18-20 world bosses. Similar to other gameplay aspects, there is a bit of RNG here as well.

The only confirmed course of action is that the Diverting Heart will appear in Cass’ shop after you have defeated over 15 world bosses.


Furthermore, killing the same world boss over and over again counts towards your Diverting Heart counter. We recommend targeting Tal’Ratha because of how easy this boss is. Re-roll the game through Adventure mode and keep killing Tal’Ratha until the Diverting Heart shows up in Cass’ shop.

Diverting Heart effects and builds

Diverting Heart Relic is one of the most useful Relics in Remnant 2. This mechanical heart trades standard healing for Skill Cooldown reduction by 1s per second for an interval of 15s. It proves to be one of the most useful Relics, especially for end-game builds.

Diverting Heart Relic can fit versatile builds with its universal passive. Certain Archetypes like the Archon, Summoner, and Handler Archetype make the most use of it but boss builds for the Hunter, Challenger, and even Engineer Class have found this Relic’s place in their load-outs.

After reaching a certain level, health is not a major issue for Veteran players who have gotten a hang of game mechanics so Diverting Heart can be an excellent alternative with hardly any compromise.

If your build already includes healing sources or you are confident in your ability to withstand whatever Remnant 2 has to offer then Diverting Heart will be a perfect addition to your arsenal.

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