Remnant 2 Tal’Ratha Boss Guide

Tal Ratha is one of the three world bosses you encounter in the world of N'erud in Remnant 2. This boss has two forms.

Tal’Ratha is one of the three main bosses you encounter in the world of N’erud in Remnant 2. It is a giant abomination found in the forgotten Prison area. This boss has a unique property; your dialogue choice with this boss can alter its move set and the boss’s fight environment.

The player can potentially fight this boss in either of two states: normal or metaphysical state. In both fights, Tal’Ratha’s move set and rewards are different. In this guide, we’ll explore the options associated with this boss, how to defeat him, and what rewards you get for both paths.

Tal’Ratha Boss Location in Remnant 2

Tal’Ratha is found in the Forgotten Prison in the world of N’Erud. This is one of the most isolated areas in N’Erud. There are no normal enemies or NPCs in this area. Tal’Ratha is the only enemy present in this area. You must start in the Forgotten Prison area to reach him.

Should you accept Tal’Ratha’s offer in Remnant 2?

When you first encounter this boss, a dialogue will trigger, exhaust it until you reach the very end. Here, Tal’Ratha will offer to merge your conciseness with his people.

If you accept his offer, he will eat you and you have to fight him in his metaphysical State. If you reject his offer, the boss fight will commence in a normal state.

The metaphysical boss fight is marginally harder, but nothing too egregious to make it unmanageable. The decision to accept or reject his offer boils down to the rewards each choice offers, which we will discuss at the very end.

How to Defeat Tal’Ratha in his Normal State

This version of the boss is considered a little easier than the Metaphysical version. This is because all his attacks are well-telegraphed.

Tal’Ratha will start attacking you right after you reject this offer using a plethora of melee attacks. He also spawns a few minions that can be dealt with swiftly.  

His attack includes a charge: Tal’Ratha runs at you with high speed. Given his size, some players might expect him to move slowly but that is far from true.

Tal’Ratha can also suck air from his mouth and pull you towards himself. He also has a few projectile attacks in the form of vomit and homing orbs.

Just aim for this inside of Tal’Ratha’s mouth to deal critical damage. It should be fairly easy even for players with shaky aim given that he has a giant mouth.

You can also use throwables like Poisoned Ambit Ember Capsule into his mouth which will stagger him, allowing you to get a good few hits in.

How to Defeat Tal’Ratha in his Metaphysical State

This version of Tal Ratha can be fought if you accept his offer. Unlike the normal state, this version has a lot of projectile attacks that will keep you on your toes. Aim for his head to deal critical damage.

Tal Ratha has a large beam attack that has a fairly slow startup. You can dodge it easily by dodging to either left or right.

He can also teleport to do one of two different attacks. Either he can teleport to a higher location and slam on the ground creating dealing AOE damage or he will teleport straight to you and perform a melee combo. Both of these moves can be avoided by staying mobile.   Killing him in this state also counts as an alternate kill.

Rewards for defeating Tal’Ratha

Depending on which state you defeat this boss, you will receive different rewards.

Normal State

  • Scrap
  • 1x Lumenite Crystal
  • Shining Essence Echo – crafting material
  • Tomb of Knowledge – consumable
  • Spiced Bile crafting – material

Metaphysical State

  • Scrap
  • 5x Lumenite Crystals
  • Shining Essence Echo – crafting material
  • Tome of Knowledge – consumable
  • Acidic Jawbone – weapon
  • Gas Giant – weapon

How to fix the Tal’Ratha boss bug in Remnant 2?

There is a glitch in Remnant 2 during the Tal’Ratha boss fight that essentially soft-locks you. This bus manifests as Tal’Ratha becomes un-interactable after you reach him. this may occur following a crash or it may happen randomly. To fix it, you can try the following fixes:

  • Reroll the Ne’Rud World
  • Reload a previous save
  • Restart the game

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