Best Archon Build In Remnant 2

If you have managed to unlock the Archon archetype, it is time to make one of the best builds in Remnant 2.

If you have progressed far enough through the Remnant 2 story, you might have unlocked the Archon Archetype. This is an all-out offensive Archetype that specializes particularly in elemental damage.

Once you get your hands on this Archetype, can use it as your main class or even as a dual Archetype to make the most of it.

However, this Archetype in itself feels incomplete. It would be best to make a proper build around the Archon Archetype to use it at its full potential. This would include maximizing the Archon’s existing offensive potential while also granting it a few buffs in defense, making it a masterpiece of an Archetype.

This is why we have created the best build for the Archon Archetype by mixing both defensive and offensive enhancements in a perfect blend in Remnant 2.

Since the Archon is already pretty solid on offense, using the Medic as a secondary class would be the best option for this build, let us show you why.

Remnant 2 Archon / Medic Team Build

It goes without saying that the Archon would be the main Archetype in this build, and we will be selecting the secondary archetype along with everything else centered around the Archon.

The Archon Archetype itself is a highly capable class on the offensive but may lack a bit in the defensive and the utility aspect. Our main focus for this build would be to enhance the already existing offensive prowess of the Archon while also minimizing its weaknesses by improving overall defense and mobility.

Primary ArchetypeArchon
Secondary ArchetypeMedic
WeaponsLong Gun- Nightfall Handgun- Rupture Cannon
TraitsSpirit Fitness Vigor Fortify Glutton Bloodstream Regrowth
Unique TraitsTriage (Medic) Flash Caster (Archon)
RelicShield Heart Relic
JewelryFull Moon Circlet (Amulet) Ring of Omens (Ring) Black Cat Band (Ring)
ArmorAny Light weight armor

Best Archetype Combo

What class would be better than the Medic class to add a little bit of defense to the build? The Medic is an excellent choice for this build because it synergizes well with the Archon’s skills, and hence makes it stronger than ever.

  • Primary Archetype: Archon – Chaos Gate, Havoc Form, Reality Rune
  • Secondary Archetype: Medic – Healing Shield (level 5 skill)

The primary skills we will mainly be using with this build are the ones that the Archon offers – Chaos Gate, Havoc Form, and Reality Rune. Each of these three primary skills is equally important.

The Chaos Gate is a pure offensive skill that creates an area in which you are granted an increased Mod Generation and Damage output. However, it also makes it so that you receive slightly more damage in this area, which is just a small con.

The Havoc Form skill grants you fresh abilities straight out of the Labyrinth upon activation. However, using these abilities comes at the cost of reducing the skill’s time.

The Reality Rune is a defensive skill that creates a small area in which you are granted Damage Reduction to a significant extent. Moreover, this area also slows down any incoming projectiles coming toward you.

On the other hand, we will mainly be using the Medic archetype for the Healing Shield as a secondary skill. The Healing Shield is an excellent skill that grants your allies a shield equal to their maximum health. Moreover, it also grants them a heal as long as the shield is intact.


Choosing your weapons wisely is one of the most important steps to making a build, as the choice can either make or break your build. You can choose from a total of three classifications of weapons in Remnant 2: A Long Gun, and Handgun, and a Melee weapon.

Long Gun: Nightfall

The Nightfall fits amazingly well in this Archon build because of its superior damage output and a very effective stagger modifier. Coincidentally, it’s also one of the best weapons in Remnant 2 as well.

What makes it most special though, is its unique Weapon mod – Deadwalker. This mod grants you an infinite reserve of ammunition along with a high rate of fire, which makes for a great addition to this build in terms of overall offensive potential.

Handgun: Rupture Cannon

Although the Rupture Cannon doesn’t have built-in weapon mods, it’s still a great option to choose in this build because of its high damage and rate of fire.

This handgun can be used instead of the Nightfall Long Gun when you are at medium range because, without the Nightfall’s weapon mod, this gun is far superior in fire rate and is even more accurate given its low recoil.

Mutator: Harmonizer

The Harmonizer is an extremely effective Mutator to use in this build. It grants you a bonus to your Mod Damage and makes your Ranged weapons significantly better.

Although you can use it on any weapon, it’s better to use it on your Long gun to benefit from the Nightfall’s Mod, which is already extremely powerful. Apart from this, you don’t need a melee one as this build is independent of melee weapon.


Putting the right amount of points into your Traits is essential to use the Archon class effectively. That said, if we wish to do the same with this build, we must focus on the Spirit, Fitness, Vigor, Fortify, Glutton, and Bloodstream Traits most of all.

Besides these few, you may put the rest of your remaining points into Regrowth to balance everything out.

As for unique traits, the following two will serve the best depending on your Archetypes:

  • Triage (Medic): Improves the healing granted by all sources
  • Flash Caster (Archon): Increases the casting speed of your Mods and Skills by half.


The main Relic we recommend for this Remnant 2 Archon/Medic build is the Shield Heart Relic. This Relic grants you a Shield that equals your total HP for a limited time. Head to the Tower of Unseen side dungeon to get this Relic.

Although this may not seem very useful in most cases, it works wonders in combination with some of the Amulets and Rings we select for this build.


The Jewelry for the Archon/Medic build include items from the Amulets and the Rings category. There are many that work best with this build, and you can choose any of them depending on your preferences.

Full Moon Circlet (Amulet): At low health, this amulet grants some of your Ranged Damage as Lifesteal while at max health it increases the overall damage.

Ring of Omens (Ring): Converts some of your health into grey health without any consumption of stamina.

Generating Band (Ring): This ring heals you steadily whilst you have a shield active (works well with the Shield Heart Relic).

Black Cat Band (Ring): Protects players from sudden death by keeping their HP at 1 and increasing their movement speed.


Since we have pretty much covered all of the defensive aspects of combats with Relics, jewelry, skills, etc. There’s no need to stress too much about armor.

An armor set with good overall defensive stats would be the best choice to go for, but remember that you also have to keep it lightweight because mobility and evasion are key in this build as well.

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