Best Engineer Build in Remnant 2

Unleash the hidden potential of your Engineer Build in Remnant 2. This given build is going to cover every aspect you need to dominate.

Are you tired of dying from enemies’ attacks? Do you also focus more on dodging enemy attacks to protect your frail body? If you are then we have got the solution for you. We are bringing you the tankiest Engineer build you will ever see in Remnant 2.

The Engineer Class is known for its ease of use and the Turret being the star of the show. Even for this build, the main idea is going to rely on how you can use the Heavy Guns to clean up the streets in Remnant 2.

With this build, you aren’t going to be worried too much about taking damage because any damage that comes your way is either going to be canceled or absorbed by this magnificent build.

In this guide, let’s talk about the best and most efficient Engineer Build in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Indestructible Engineer Build

Let’s make thing one thing clear from the get-go, we are going to be using the Engineer Archetype as the primary archetype, most of which is because of the heavy gun, it brings to the battle.

Engineer is one of the earliest archetypes you can pick, and is a fan-favorite. It works perfectly with a wide variety of archetypes.


Best Archetype Combo

The choice of Archetypes has a significant role in how your build turns out. If the archetypes are still not clear to you for some reason, then let’s look at which ones are we going for.

The choice of our primary Archetype is entirely based on the heavy weapons, the Engineer offers. We have curated this build in such a way that you aren’t going to die any time soon, no matter the number of hits you take. All you need to do is pick up a heavy gun, Flame Thrower or Mini-Gun, and go ham.

Since you are going to be using your heavy turret for the most part, it is important that you never run out of weapons and that is why we are going to be using the High Tech perk.

Once you activate the perk, your heavy gun will become ten times better. No reload, infinite ammo, no cooldown. Once the perk activates, you just pull the trigger and don’t let it go until you have dropped every last body on the battlefield.

Furthermore, the Engineer class also has that Magnetic Field perk which is going to give you a 15% damage reduction.

Last, but not the least, we also have the Surplus perk. Every time you are out of ammo on your heavy gun, drop it and consume a relic, and your cooldown timer will be skipped and the ammo will be replenished.

It is the only reason for Relics in this build, otherwise, you aren’t going to need much heals with how tanky this build is. For our secondary Archetype, we have chosen the Challenger Archetype, solely because of the Juggernaut perk.

Essentially it is going to give us Bulwark, which is stackable damage reduction. The more Bulwark we have stacked, the lesser damage we will take. Which is the entire point of the build. You can swap the secondary archetype for any other but make sure that everything synergizes with each other.


The choice of weapon for this build is quite flexible. Since the heavy gun is going to get used the most, it won’t really matter what other weapon we have in our arsenal. Though it is still nice to have a backup to rely on. For that reason, let’s pick some weapons.

Long Gun

Bonesaw – With Firestorm Mod

Hand Gun

Rupture Canon – With Tremor Mod

Melee Weapon

Any Melee Weapon

As we have mentioned earlier that the choice of weapon for this build does not matter because we are not going to be using them very often. You might need this weapon to deal with pesky small fires but for the bosses and elite enemies, you are going to need to bring out the big guns.

You can use the suggested weapons or go for different ones. It is good to have something you trust and can work in times of need.

You can pick from some of the best weapons in the game or you can also pick something for all the secret weapons, Remnant 2 has to offer. Your Engineer Build in Remnant 2 is going to be indestructible anyways so it is best to pick the weapons, you can roll up in style with.


On top of all the core traits, there are a couple of other archetype Traits as well that we are going to be acquiring for the purpose of this build. Start off with Endurance, Vigor, and Spirit for the core traits. Afterward, build up toward the other traits as well so which are as follows:

  • Fortify: This trait will enhance the defense that your armor provides by 50% when upgraded to level 50.
  • Regrowth: When equipped, you are going to get a health-reg buff. Every 1.5 seconds, you could have been working or on weight some.
  • Strong Back: It is going to trim down the Encumbrance by 10%.
  • Triage: Give you a 50% faster healing.
  • Barkskin: It is also going to bring down the damage by 10%.


As you must have seen from some of our other builds; Challenger, Hunter, and Medic, most of the builds have the Runed Heart Relic. There are a number of reasons for that. Not only this relic gives you health and health regen, but it also grants you 500 mod power.

This kind of leverage can become responsible for writing your fate in the moment of need. Since the main reason for the Relic isn’t healing.

As we have mentioned earlier, the Surplus perk of the Engineer class instantly ends all cooldown timers and gives your heavy weapon, all its ammo back. Pick what you want but it is the one we are recommending for this build.


For this Engineer Build in Remnant 2, this is probably going to be the most important section of this build. We picked our archetypes and let them have any skill they want. It is time to fortify our defenses using Amulets and Ring.

For the Amulet, Indignant Fetish was a clear choice because of how now only this amulet increases the overall damage dealt to any other player and at the same time, reduces the damage taken by 10%. It’s time for the rings now.

  • Restriction Cord: It doesn’t allow you to heal your character above 50%. You might think how is that good? Well, staying below 50% health works in favor of all of the next rings that are about to come.
  • Hardened Coil: You can get up to 15% damage reduction. Every time you lose a chunk of your health, you gain damage reduction, until you reach 15%.
  • Rusted Heirloom: The ring is going to add 2 stacks of Bulwark as long as your health stays below 50% which it is going to because of the Restriction Cord ring.
  • Amber Moonstone: You will receive a 25% damage reduction if your health bar drops below 2 third of your health – 30%. It is mostly going to be the case so you are not taking much on the damage side of things. The ring will immediately remove any status effect such as fire or poison, as soon as your health drops below the threshold.


The choice of armor comes down to what is currently at your disposal but you need to bear in mind that whatever you are choosing is thick enough to soak up a lot of damage. Heavy armor is recommended for this build.

Try to keep the weight of the armor below 70 because you don’t want to restrict your movements altogether and stand at a single spot like a rock. There are tons of great armor in Remnant 2. You can go for the Leto Mark II Armor.

It provides a solid layer of protection on top of all the traits, rings, relics, etc. This is just a recommendation and you can pick the one you like and are comfortable with.

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