Best Summoner Build In Remnant 2

Want monsters to do your bidding? Well, you can by using this ultimate high DPS Summoner's Build in Remnant 2.

Why do it yourself when others can do it for you? This is the motto we are going to be chanting throughout our Best Summoner Build in Remnant 2.

The Summoner Archetype relies on the monsters that you can summon to fight the battles for you. It is one of the best support archetypes where you won’t feel like you have to rely on anyone else to protect. You are going to do just fine on your own because you have your summons.

Finding the perfect items to efficiently utilize the capabilities of the archetype might require a little more effort than you had imagined. Now you don’t have to worry because we have got your back. Follow along to put together the Summoner Build of your dreams.

Remnant 2 Super Summoner Build

There is no such thing as perfect but you can surely get close to it. The Summoner Archetype might not do a whole lot if you don’t have the right tools and guidance.

Playing as the Summoner is easier than you think. For smaller battles, you might not even have to lift a finger but at other times, you are going to have to jump in.

With that said, let’s look at what we need to build this ultimate super summoner build in Remnant 2.


Best Archetype Combo

  • Primary Archetype: Summoner – Ruthless (Prime Perk)
  • Secondary Archetype: Engineer

The Super Summoner Build in Remnant 2 is going to be the ultimate damage building where a big chunk is going to be from your summons.

The Summoner archetype is going in the primary slot and that is without question that the minions you summon are the biggest support you can get, regardless of the fact that you are playing solo or with teammates.

The choice of every single item in this build was made in order to maximize the capabilities of the summons because that is the whole point of using the Summoner Archetype. It also has the Ruthless as the prime perk which is basically making your minions rage.

How it works is that when you summon a minion, you are going to shoot it. Once you shoot them, they are going to get enraged and all of their stats are going to go up. Not only will they deal 50% more damage (when fully upgraded), but they will also be faster, and more agile during attacks.

The longer they stay in existence, the more damage they deal with every shot. So if you know that you are going to enter a fight, summon your minions beforehand and wait a couple of seconds before jumping into the battle. What this will do is that the damage they deal from the very first shot is going to be massive.

Make sure to have the Flyer minions because they are the most effective out of all because of their range and the fact that they are flying. Pairing it up with the Engineer as the secondary, we are not going to get only two summons from the Summoner, but the turrets from the Engineer are also counted as summons.

Run the Engineer Archetype with the machine gun turret because of its range and DPS. If you want to tweak certain items to your liking, be our guest because if it works for you, it’s good enough.


You cannot entirely rely on your summons to get the job done for you. You are also going to have to pitch in from time to time and take matters into your own hands. That is why you need to have a sizeable arsenal of deadly weapons. Here is what we recommend with this Summoner Build in Remnant 2.

Long Gun

Blackmaw AR-47 – Space Crabs (Mod) and Momentum (Mutator)

It is a long-range weapon and easy to handle for the most part. You are going to be able to deal massive amounts of damage with it. Once you pair it with the Momentum Mutator, every time you land a critical shot, from that point onwards, you are going to have a greater chance of your next shot being a critical one.

Not only that, your critical shots will now deal more damage. This effect can be stacked up to a total of 10 times. Now for the crazy addition we have done to our gun. The Space Crab Mod. Activating this mod is going to shoot out 5 alien eggs on the ground in different directions.

These eggs will then pop and turn into space crabs and follow you around. They will leap toward the enemy, and explode on contact, dealing tons of damage. It also goes well with the whole idea of summons for help going about our build.

Hand Gun

Enigma – Chaos Driver (Mod)

The secondary handgun is mostly for clean-up and as a backup for when your primary runs out of bullets and it is faster to just swap than reload.

If we need a backup, it better be a good one. That is exactly why we have the Enigma as our trusty secondary handgun.

It shoots out not bullets but an energy beam that can hit multiple targets at the same time. The gun comes pre-applied with the Chaos Driver mod.

Upon activation, electrified rods are going to spawn and hit enemies. Multiple rods will spawn and if two or more rods are within a distance of 10 meters, they will link together and deal more damage. Overall, this can act as a great clean-up gun.

Melee Weapon

Any Weapon

For the most part, you are not going to be involved in close combat, so you can choose to have any or no melee weapon but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Nothing you choose will affect the rest of the building work so you can pick whatever suits your playstyle.


Traits for the most part are subjective to what you feel works best for you but there is one particular trait that is a must-have and that is Regrowth. It is the archetype-specific trait that works well with the Summoner Archetype.

What this will do is give you health regen over a specific period of time. It is absolutely crucial because summons are created using your health. So it is the best option for you to put some points towards getting that health back.

You can split the rest of your points among different traits but you should definitely look into Vigor and Endurance.


This Summoner Build in Remnant 2 has everything one needs to end the game alone. You are not going to rely on anyone other than you, your skills, and your summons. Part of taking care of yourself is having heals for you that work instantly when you are in a pinch.

That is why the Resonating Heart will be a perfect fit for the build. Not only will you get 50% of your health back within 5 seconds but also if your health goes above 50% by using the relic, anything above that threshold will be doubled and given back to you within 20 seconds.

This will be more than enough to keep you alive.



Insulation Driver: If you have Bulwark active, you will be able to deal 15% more damage while having Haste. With that, you are going to have greater movement speeds and agility.


These are the rings that we have chosen for our build:

  • Soul Guard: If you have any summon active, you will gain Bulwark. If you have Bulwark active, you will get haste because of the Amulet we have chosen.
  • Soul Link: Your summons will now have a 5% lifesteal and that will come back to you as health.
  • Hardened Coil: When you lost 10% of your health, you will take 3% less damage. Can be stacked 5 times.
  • Anastasija’s Inspiration: If you are healing, you will get haste. Because of Soul Link, you are constantly healing thus you will constantly have haste.


Since we are aiming to have the best Summoner Build, it is only fair to have the best of everything. That is why we are going with the Fae Royal Armor set because of the protection it provides against all kinds of attacks.

You might feel a little heavy but this is what you get for having tons of protection. If you have anything else that you might think works better then go for it.

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