Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Shadow Boss Guide

The Kaeula's Shadow boss is a large swamp monstrosity that utilizes its tentacles against you in Remnant 2. Here's how you can take it down.

The Kaeula’s Shadow boss appears as a swamp monster with powerfully mutated limbs in Remnant 2. This enemy boss will give you a hell of a fight as he can use a variety of attacks. It will also carry a large weapon and will swing wildly at close range.  

You will engage Kaeula’s Shadow right after picking up the Tear of Kaeula (Ring). After which this enemy boss will drag you in the swamp. After you come to the surface, it will block your exit points and the boss fight will begin in Remnant 2. 

To defeat Kaeula’s Shadow, you will need to keep your distance from its range of attack and dodge its incoming blows. Here’s how you can defeat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2. 

Where to find Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2 

You will come across the Kaeula’s Shadow at the aptly named Kaeula’s Rest area. This is a marshy swamp-type place, which resides in the Yaesha world. 

You will find a ring here called the Tear of Kaeula. Once you interact with it, a cut scene will play in which you will be forcefully dragged into the swamp. When you surface back out, you will find an angry boss waiting for you. 

This will be Kaeula’s Shadow. He will destroy the statue, pick up its weapon, and then proceed to block your exit point with the debris of the broken statue. 

How to defeat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2 

So before engaging in a boss fight with Kaeula’s Shadow you need to learn its attack moves. This will enable you to create a counter strategy to kill it in Remnant 2.  

As the fight begins, the monstrosity plunges its right tentacles into the ground and directs a ranged tentacle spike at your end. Simply evade it and then shoot the tentacle. This will lower this enemy boss’s health. 

After that attack, Kaeula will sub-merge into the swamp and then emerge at your exact position. He will attack you viciously with his tentacles at close range. Dodge to the other side to avoid this attack and then fire at his middle section. His torso area is his weak spot.  

Once you bring his health down to about 60%, Kaeula will dive into the swamp and its humongous tentacles will lash out at you. Your play here should be to evade them and then shoot these tentacles. 

This way Kaeula’s Shadow will re-emerge to attack you back. However, this time this enemy boss will use a piercing attack at you which you can time right to dodge and return fire.

Apart from this attack, he will spread the water to block your vision and follow up by swinging the giant axe-type weapon thrice at you in Remnant 2. 

These attacks aren’t fast and you should be able to avoid them easily. Continue firing at the middle section to further weaken Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2. 

You will have to face off against the giant tentacles once you lower its health to 30 percent. So follow the same evasion and firing strategy. Finish the boss off when it reemerges and it will go down.  

Rewards for defeating Kaeula’s Shadow 

After you successfully defeat Kaeula’s Shadow in Remnant 2 you will receive the following rewards: 

  1. Lumenite Crystal (x3) 
  2. Tome of Knowledge (x1 Trait Point) 
  3. Scrap (x500) 
  4. Twilight Dactylus (x1) 
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