How To Get Stasis Core In Remnant 2

Stasis Core is an important crafting material in Remnant 2 which can freeze as well as deal damage to the enemies.

Stasis Core is a vital crafting material in Remnant 2. According to the game’s lore, Stasis Cores was made many millennia ago by the Drzyr, a forgotten race that once lived on N’Erud. The glow inside these cores seems new as if they were built yesterday. They are indeed a testament to Dyzyr’s technological capabilities.

Stasis Core location in Remnant 2

To locate Statis Core in Remnant 2, you must go to the Eon Vault. You can travel East to reach the Eon Vault from the starting point, Putrid Domain Dungeon.

The region has two similar dungeons; to find the one with the Statis Core, you need to find a dome-like structure. Close to this landmark is a dungeon with red walls that will lead you directly to the Statis Core.

The dungeon, which contains the Stasis Core, has a slightly randomized location for different players, but it’s always roughly in the same area.

Interact with the panel at the entrance of the dungeon. A door will open that deal to an elevator that descends into the dungeon. Once you have entered the dungeon, head straight to the end of the first half after you exit the elevator.

Soon after that, you will enter into a tunnel that has the Statis Core at its very end. Remember that the tunnel has a couple of enemies you need to defeat to get to the Statis Core in Remnant 2.


How to use Stasis Core

From a gameplay standpoint, you can use Statis Core to build a Stasis Beam Weapon mod. To grant your character unique abilities, you can slot weapon mods into your weapon.

One of the abilities of the Statis Beam is that it can paralyze enemies. Also, it can deal 15 DPS damage to enemies with the help of the laser beam. If an enemy is hit by the beam continuously for 3 seconds, the slow effect turns into Stasis. This effect freezes an enemy in place for 10 seconds allowing you to stack up massive damage. 

To craft the Stasis Beam weapon mod visit McCabe in Ward 13 with the following crafting items:

You can level up Statis Beam up to 20 in Remnant 2. It deals 45 DPS at this level, nine times more than its base damage. No matter your level of the Statis Beam, the status duration will remain the same.

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