Remnant 2 Legion Boss Guide

The Legion is an optional boss you'll find at a throne in Remnant 2. It has devastating ranged attacks. Here is how to bring it down.

Legion is one of the optional bosses that you can encounter in the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2. This boss uses a lot of projectile attacks, so you need to be on the move throughout the boss fight. A few of these projectiles can also track you, so dodging with precise timing is required.  

You will also need to deal with normal enemies that will try to rush you down during this fight. Here is how you can find the Legion boss in the game and bring it down.

Where to find Legion in Remnant 2  

The Legion boss is located in the Twisted Chantry in the world of Yaesha. Legion is in the last room of this area. The boss fight will commence as soon as you enter the room.  

How to defeat Legion in Remnant 2 

The Legion’s weak spot will be the large floating circle. Targeting this area deals extra damage to the boss. However, the circle needs to be glowing for this effect to take place. Attacking any other part of the boss deals minimal damage.

To avoid the barrage of red fireballs, try hiding the pillars placed throughout the room. You also need to deal with the bloaters and grunt enemies that spawn throughout the fight. 

These spawn right after the legion throws the shockwave attack that can inflict the madness effect. The madness level is indicated by the red bar with a skull.


Avoid getting the madness effect as it not only slows your character but also deals damage over time. This shockwave can easily be avoided with a well-timed dodge roll.   

After lowering the Legion’s HP to about 50%, phase 2 will start in Remnant 2. In this phase, the circle on the throne starts floating around the room. It will be bombarding you with projectiles.

Try your best to not get cornered by the floating circle. Observe its motion and you will notice a pattern that will allow you to position yourself correctly. Other than that target the weak spot and shoot it as often as you can.

Rewards for defeating Legion  

After beating the Legion boss, you will get the following rewards:  

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