How To Get The Resonating Heart In Remnant 2

The Resonating Heart is one of the best support relics for survivability with its massive healing capabilities in Remnant 2.

Resonating Heart is a Relic in Remnant 2 that belonged to none other than the Creator. As the name implies, this relic appears as a fleshy muscle enclosed in a wooden structure with branches sticking out in place of heart tubes.

This healing-focused Relic provides health regeneration over time with additive bonuses on over-heals. In this guide, we’ll go over how you can acquire this item and how to get the most out of it in Remnant 2.

Resonating Heart location in Remnant 2

To get the Resonating Heart Relic in Remnant 2, progress through the game until you reach the final world; Root Earth. Within Root Earth, you will need to teleport to Ashen Wasteland’s main checkpoint.

Head down to the open area under the bridge and towards your right, there will be an office building with a red square opening up front. Head into the building to find a smaller checkpoint on the second floor.

There is going to be a hallway here that you need to take and find the room with a hole in the floor. It should be on your left. Drop through the hole and follow the map until you come across another hole.

Drop through this one as well and you will find Resonating Heart in Remnant 2 embedded in a wooden pedestal behind you.  

Resonating Heart stats and effects

The Resonating Heart is one of the best support relics for survivability that takes the edge off instantly with its massive healing capabilities.

It heals 50.5% of your health upon use within a 5s interval. Any overheal done in this duration is stored till 5s are up. The stored heal is doubled and given throughout the next 20s.


There was a bug in earlier versions of the game where the effects of the Resonating Heart were applied twice. This item has since been nerfed and fixed.

Best Resonating Heart build in Remnant 2

The ability of the Resonating Heart Relic to regenerate 50% of health upfront while providing sustenance for an extended period makes it a perfect companion to a healing/medic build, or a high HP build.

For a Resonating Heart Relic build, select the Medic as your main Archetype and the Handler archetype as the secondary. Use Healing Shield for the Medic if you’re playing co-op and Wellspring if you’re a solo player. For the Handler, use the Supporting Dog prime perk to add more functionality to your character in Remnant 2.


TriageIncreases healing from every method
AmplitudeIncreases AOE of your healing skills and mods
BarskinReduces the amount of damage you take
RevivalistIncreases the speed at which you are revived
SiphonerHeals you with the same amount of damage you do to your enemies.


Weapon TypeWeapon
MeleeRed Doe Staff (with Lifeline mod)
HandgunRune Pistol (with Soul Brand mod)
Long gunPulse Rifle (with Healing Shot mod)


AmuletNimue’s Ribbon
Ring 1Fae Shaman Ring
Ring 2Black Pawn Stamp
Ring 3Dense Silicon Ring
Ring 4Ring of Grace

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