How To Unlock The Summoner Archetype In Remnant 2

The Summoner archetype, as evident from its name, allows you to summon various units to take control of the battlefield in Remnant 2.

The Summoner archetype is an interesting damage-focused addition to the class roster in Remnant 2. It introduces minions to do your bidding which can be of different types like Flyers, Reavers, or Root Hollows; all of which can be further buffed.

These buffs are activated by enraging them and include damage, movement, and attack speed enhancements. Not only this, they grant healing and damage increases to the player if they perish or are sacrificed in battle. a

For players who enjoy commanding their own army of woody monsters can choose the Summoner minion build in Remnant 2.

Despite the stimulating playstyle, players can complete the game without even unlocking it as it’s not part of the basic available classes. For those who want to equip this secret class, here’s how you can do it.

How to unlock the Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2

To unlock the Summoner archetype in Remnant 2, players will require the Tome of Bringer Engram. It will be crafted by Wallace in Ward 13 using:

  • 1x Faded Grimoire
  • 10x Lumenite Crystal
  • 1000x Scrap

This Faded Grimoire is a special material that can be obtained through the merchant, Bloodmoon Alter, in the world of Yaesha using 15 Blood Moon Essence.


The Faded Grimoire location on Yaesha

Yaesha was a lush green forest in the original game, Remnant: From the Ashes, inhabited by the race of Pan. This time around, however, the beautiful forest is being plagued by The Root rendering the area dangerous and full of enemies.

In Remnant 2, all the necessary items necessary to unlock the Summoner archetype can be farmed here including the Faded Grimoire, which appears to be a book with a skull on top enveloped in roots. This item can be bought from Bloodmoon Alter, a merchant residing here, for:

  • 15x Blood Moon Essence
  • 5x Lumenite Crystal
  • 1500x Scrap

The location of the merchant can be different for everybody as Remnant 2 uses procedural generation to create its locations, but there is a big blue marker that can appear on the Yaesha map highlighting it.

You will just need to keep a lookout for the marker while progressing through the area. The merchant does not have a humane appearance but is an ancient brown throne with carvings on it.

How to find the Bloodmoon Altar for the Faded Grimoire in Remnant 2.

You can farm Blood Moon Essence in Yaesha but acquiring it can be a little tricky because it is guarded behind an event.

Based on your luck, a special event called the Blood Moon will occur which can be characterized by the Moon turning red making the sky and surrounding jungle area red with the occasional appearance of red mist.

This event is triggered randomly and if you want to speed up the process then try moving through the doors.

During this event, pinkish-purple floating orbs called Root Wisps will spawn in clusters. Killing these wisps will drop Root Essence which you can collect for future use. Keep note that these creatures will not appear if the Blood Moon is not active.

Farming them can be a hassle as they don’t respawn after touching the checkpoint as the case with other enemies but can be repeatedly farmed in a location after exiting the Blood Moon affected area through the yellow fog door and coming back to it. Additionally, having a ranged weapon can help easily kill them while they are in the sky.

What to do with the Faded Grimoire in Remnant 2?

After obtaining the Faded Grimoire, you will have to go back to Ward 13 and find Wallace. You can find him upstairs in his hut at the docks.

Give him the Faded Grimoire, Luminite Crystals, and Scrap to craft the Tome of Bringer Engram, which in turn is going to unlock the Summoner archetype in Remnant 2.

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