Remnant 2 Bastion Boss Guide

Bastion is an incredibly tough boss to put down in Remnant 2. This aberration is made of stone with light coming out of its head.

One of the toughest bosses that the players of Remnant 2 face is the Bastion Aberration. This is a boss made of stone and a white sphere emitting light for a head.

The Bastion is a Golem-type boss and has the Thick skin and the Vortex suffixes, which makes it pretty resistant to whatever you throw at it – and hence brings forth a complicated fight.

Defeating the Bastion in Remnant 2 rewards players with the Labyrinth Staff, which is a great melee weapon to use owing to its high crit hit chance.

However, since the Bastion is located at the Labyrinth, it is often missed completely given that the whole biome is a maze. That said, let us show you where to find the Bastion in Remnant 2 and defeat it easily

Where to find Bastion in Remnant 2

The Bastion can be found in the Labyrinth biome, which is unlocked right after you complete the Yaesha biome in Remnant 2. Since the Labyrinth itself is a maze, it can be pretty difficult to navigate around it.

That said, let us show you how you can get to the Bastion in detail. For starters, right as your portal into the Labyrinth, take the path leading left. You will come across a bunch of small golems. You can choose to either fight them or avoid them and keep moving forward.

It would be best to avoid them because these little creatures are fast and stubborn and may take a bunch of time and effort to get rid of.

When you’ve dealt with the golems, make your way forward up the set of stairs and jump down onto the levitating platform, then across it.

You eventually come to break in your path with a large gap between you and the area ahead. You must wait at the edge here for a few seconds to make a brand new, circular platform appear.

You can use this platform to jump across to the area ahead, but not that it’s only here for a short period of time, so it’s best to make haste once it appears.

In this new area, move to the opposite end and the Bastion will fall from the sky, initiating the boss fight.

How to defeat Bastion in Remnant 2

The Bastion is a tough boss to defeat owing to its body being made completely of stone. Moreover, it’s also pretty swift regardless of how it’s built.

What makes this fight especially interesting though, are the multiple types of attacks it has in its arsenal. That said, to create an effective strategy against this boss and defeat it easily, it is important to understand its attack patterns and weaknesses.

Bastion weakness

To defeat the Bastion in Remnant 2, you have to target its weakness, which is the glowing white orb acting as its head. The boss only takes significant damage if you manage to land a shot on this orb.

Attacks and Counters

The Bastion is a very versatile opponent given its multiple set of attacks. This boss is well-versed in both the close, and long-range aspects of combat, so it is best to be careful around it.

Firstly, the bastion has the ability to summon miniature golems and lightning from the sky. Although the jolts of lightning only strike the area surrounding the boss, the miniature golems are free to move about the arena.

Your first priority is to get rid of the summoned golems as quickly as you can because they can become a great nuisance throughout the fight.

For close range, the Bastion only has one attack where it gets close to you and then swiftly dashes at you, knocking you down on the spot. For long-range, the boss is also able to shoot projectiles at you that deal a lot of damage.

For your general strategy against Bastion, you should focus on keeping at a distance from the boss, completely negating its melee attacks. However, you do have to be careful of the lightning jolts and the projectiles it shoots.

Lastly, he also has the ability to teleport you close to him and get you in his melee attack range.

All in all, to beat the Bastion, you have to keep a distance from it, evading whatever he throws at you while constantly shooting at the white shining orb.

How to cheese Bastion in Remnant 2

There is a way to cheese Bastion. This method exploits your surroundings and the boss’s huge size to cheese it.

First off, right as the boss lands, it takes a few seconds to get ready for battle. Take this time to get near to the boss and shoot the orb from close range, but make sure that you do it with deadly accuracy – right at the center of the orb.

If you use a good crossbow, then you may even end up shredding the boss’s HP down by half.

Next, jump into the hole at the center of the arena and walk into the portal it contains. This teleports you back to the starting area near the checkpoint.

Without touching the checkpoint at all, make your way back to the arena in the same way, but don’t jump into it this time. At the edge of the platform, you have the upper hand because the boss cannot reach you there – all you have to be careful of is his teleporting ability.

From here, all you have to do is shoot the Bastion’s white orb until you take it down.

Rewards for defeating the Bastion

After defeating the Bastion in Remnant 2, you will be granted the following rewards:

  • Labyrinth Staff
  • Vengeful Strike Mutator
  • Iron
  • 2x Corrupted Lumenite Crystal

Note that you don’t necessarily have to defeat the Bastion to obtain the Labyrinth Staff in Remnant 2. The staff is located behind the boss, all you have to do is grab it and escape the area via the portal if you don’t want to go through with the boss fight.

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