Remnant 2 Defiler Boss Guide  

The Defiler is a two part boss that is nothing short of a nightmare in Remnant 2. It also summons its lackeys for help. Here's how to kill it!

The Defiler Boss fight is one of the toughest boss fights that will thoroughly test your mettle in Remnant 2. This fight will keep you on your toes as you will have to move around a lot to dodge this enemy.

It gets worse because enemies will keep pouring in from all directions. They can become a nuisance because their damage will stack up really quickly.

This boss fight will be fought in two phases. During the first phase, the Defiler will be in a stationary Root Nexus form. In phase, the boss takes on its mobile Deflier form and will unleash punishment on you.

Here is how you can exploit the weaknesses of this enemy boss to ensure your chances of victory against the Defiler in Remnant 2. 

Where to find Defiler in Remnant 2

To find the Defiler you will need to make your way towards the Forgotten Field which resides in the Yaesha world in Remnant 2.

Make sure to pack in supplies that will replenish your health during this fight. You will be needing those in order to defeat the Defiler in Remnant 2. 


How to defeat Defiler in Remnant 2 

After you discover the location you will find a being stuck in the Defiler’s roots. Upon closer investigation, you will learn who the Defiler laid waste to the armies so the ones left standing were forcefully merged with its roots. This stopped its progression to mixed results. However, the plan didn’t work out for long and now it is up to you to defeat the Defiler.

Root Nexus Fight

Target the red mutated area stretched across which the game will identify as the Root Nexus. This will begin the boss fight in earnest. Use your ranged weapons to bring the Root Nexus down.

Once you bring its health down to 70 percent you will hear the screeching of the large hellish bats with tendrils. This will be your cue to focus on these creatures and to take them out quickly.  Once they’re down, get back to attacking the Root Nexus.

Once you bring down the Root Nexus heath to 50 percent, you will have to deal with the big brute that comes your way. This mutated entity will be carrying a giant sword. Dodge its blows and return the favor in kind. Then focus back on the Root Nexus until its health reaches the last quarter.

Now it will summon some bats and ghouls. The gist is the same again. Take these enemies down and then back to finishing off the Root Nexus. Once the health bar is drained, the boss fight will jump into the second phase where the Defiler will reveal itself in Remnant 2. 

The Defiler Fight

The Defiler is a vicious opponent and a highly mobile opponent. As such, you need to keep your distance from him and avoid his attacks at all costs. The boss health meter will reset and now the second phase of this fight will commence. You will have to deploy the same strategy that you used while dealing with the Root Nexus in Remnant 2. 

The Defiler can also form mini explosive projectiles at you which you need to dodge. Use the surrounding area to move further away from the Defiler’s area of attack. This enemy boss is very agile and can dodge your shots easily. He’ll also summon root minions which will make the fight more difficult for you.  

So kill them first and then used ranged attacks to target the Defiler in Remnant 2. The fight will take some time. But by following this attack strategy, you will be able to take down the Defiler with relative ease.

Rewards for defeating Defiler 

As part of defeating the Defiler in this Boss fight you will earn the following rewards in Remnant 2. These will include: 

  1. Corrupted Lumenite Crystals (x5) 
  2. Scrap (x390) 

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