Grey Health In Remnant 2 Explained

Grey Health in Remnant 2 is a mechanic that allows you to regain some of your lost health. Here's all there is to know about it.

As you start to play Remnant 2, the game introduces you to most of the mechanics of the game and gets you up to speed. But there is plenty of stuff the game doesn’t tell you about which can leave you scratching your head. One such concept is the Grey Health bar in Remnant 2.

It appears on your health bar whenever you take damage. A part of your red health bar goes down and gets replaced by a grey health bar. The game doesn’t elaborate what it is and how to works. As such, today we’ll be telling you all about this grey bar and what it means in the game.

What is Grey Health in Remnant 2? 

Grey health appears only after you take a certain amount of damage in the game. This is a positive thing since it represents the amount of health that CAN come back. Whenever an enemy damages you, instead of being fully damaged by the attack, grey health reduces it by half and gives you the chance to regenerate it back.

The rest of the health bar that was depleted will be gone until you use a consumable to heal. It won’t come back on its own. Now the regeneration rate for the grey health bar is quite low. This means that more often than not, the game won’t give you a chance or enough time to regenerate it back fully.

If somehow you can manage to stay undamaged until it regenerates, it can allow you to save up on Relics to heal up. But that will be quite rare.

Is Grey Health crucial in Remnant 2? 

Despite it being a bit useful in some scenarios, it’s not something you can bet your life on to allow you to survive in fights. You can play through the entirety of the game without knowing or worrying about Grey Health and it won’t make that big of a difference. You can improve the regeneration and speed by using some items and traits.


Can you improve Grey Health in Remnant 2? 

You can certain items and traits to improve Grey Health in the game and make it slightly more reliable.

For instance, the Dread Font Ring, which is obtained as a drop in Losomn, increases the grey health restoration rate by 2 per second. The Bloodstream Trait increases the rate at which your Grey Health bar fills back up. These can provide some additional functionality to this mechanic. However, you still need to have a time window long enough for it to fill back up fully.

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