How To Craft Weapons In Raft

Survival games require you to craft weapons in order to survive, and Raft is no exception. In Raft, the sea...

Survival games require you to craft weapons in order to survive, and Raft is no exception. In Raft, the sea can often be punishing and you’ll be relying on different sorts of weapons to make it through alive. This guide will go over all of the weapons in Raft and explain how to craft them.

How To Make Weapons In Raft

Raft has six different types of Weapons, all of which are required at some point in the game in order to survive and see the light of the next day. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about these weapons.

Wooden Spear

Weapon damage: 5
Durability: 20

Wooden Spear will probably be the first weapon you’ll acquire early on in Raft. It’s not that efficient and is only used to stab things. Regardless, you’ll need this weapon early on in the game to survive, but it’s deemed useless later on.

The benefit of the Wooden Spear is that you can effortlessly piece it together, but as a low-tier weapon, it only does one point of damage, which is more than enough to survive the wilderness of the sea early in the game.

To craft the Wooden Spear, you’ll require the following items

  • 8x Planks
  • 3x Ropes

Metal Spear

Weapon damage: 10
Durability: 40

As you progress through the early stages of the Raft and obtain better materials, you’ll want to replace the Wooden Spear with something better having higher damage potential, and the Metal Spear is the obvious choice.

Metal Spear, like Wooden Spear, is primarily used to stab things, but it has more damage potential and speed, allowing you to deal significant damage to enemies. The Metal Spear is ideal if you want to be the speedster and relish dealing damage with quick jabs.

To craft the Metal Spear, you’ll require the following items


Weapon damage: 15
Durability: 40

Raft will become more intense as you rise through the ranks, and at that point, you’ll want something better than the Metal Spear, and the Machete should be your choice.

Machete is a large knife in Raft that is sharp enough to cut through vegetation and also deals considerable damage to enemies. Its damage potential is far superior to that of the Metal Spear, but its speed is relatively slower.

To craft a Machete in Raft, you must first obtain its blueprint, which can be found on Balboa Island, inside Mama Bear’s Cave. Once you’ve obtained the blueprint, you can simply follow the recipe to craft the Machete.

Here is the recipe to craft a Machete in Raft

Titanium Sword

Weapon damage: 20
Durability: 85

Titanium Swords are considered a better option to inflict damage than any other melee weapon in Raft. Especially when you realize that it surpasses Machete when it comes to dealing damage to the enemy, making it a valuable weapon to craft.

Here is the recipe to craft a Titanium Sword in Raft.

  • 2x Bolts
  • 3x Scrap
  • 3x Titanium Ingot
  • 2x Rope

Basic Bow

Durability: 60

To take things to the next level, you’ll want to engage enemies from a distance, and Raft only has one ranged weapon available for that, the Basic Bow.

The Basic Bow employs arrows to hunt. It can easily fend off predators from a distance and hunt down prey. All in all, the bow makes your life in Raft much easier thanks to its ability of ranged attacks.

Here is the recipe to craft a Basic Bow in Raft

The damage of your basic bow depends on the type of arrows you are using. There are two types of arrows for you to make in the game, or you can loot them from dead bodies as well.

Stone Arrows
Weapon damage: 10

The Stone Arrow is the first type of arrow used with the Basic Bow. This is a simple wooden arrow with a stone tip that works well enough, but there are better options available.

Here is the recipe to craft a Stone Arrow in Raft.

  • 6x Plastic
  • 3x Stones
  • 3x Planks

Metal Arrows
Weapon damage: 15

Metal arrows are the second type of arrows employed with the Basic Bow and they are the better version of arrows available in Raft. They are, in fact, more precise, pointy, lightweight, well-balanced, and capable of dealing more damage.

Here is the recipe to craft a Metal Arrow in Raft.

Titanium Arrows
Weapon damage: 20

Titanium Arrows are the third available projectile for the Basic Bow and they are far superior to both Metal and Stone arrows in Raft. Their superiority is shown when it takes 5 Titanium Arrows to kill a Screecher.

Here is the recipe to craft a Titanium Arrow in Raft.

  • 6x Feathers
  • 3x Planks
  • 1x Titanium Ingot

Net Launcher

Durability: 20

In Raft, there is a Net Launcher available as well, primarily used to catch animals for food. It is also used to tame animals. The Net Launcher has a relatively short range, so it is best to learn the patrolling pattern of animals and then fire the net when you see them following a straight path. In this case, rushing is not a good idea because the animals will flee and your efforts will be futile, so take your time before launching the net.

Here is the recipe for a Net Launcher in Raft

  • 4x Plastic
  • 2x Bolts
  • 2x Scrap
  • 1x Metal Ingot

Net Canister

The Net Canister is used in conjunction with the Net Launcher, and it functions as ammo for the Net Launcher. It is also used to tame animals. Here is the recipe for a Net Canister in Raft.

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