How To Get Rope In Raft

You need a Rope to build most of the structures of your Raft. You also need a Rope to craft weapons and other items that are needed to survive the open sea.

Ropes are hence one of the more important resource items in the game and frankly, quite easy to get. You can craft a Rope in Raft or simply loot them from the world. The following guide will show you how.

How To Craft Rope In Raft

You need just 2x Palm Leaf to craft a Rope in the game. There are two ways of finding Palm Leaves.

You can firstly use an Axe to chop down Palm Trees on both small and large islands where each fallen tree will give you 2x Palm Leaf. There is a chance that you also get Palm Seeds which can then be planted on your raft to grow your own Palm Trees.

You can also find Palm Leaves floating on the sea. You will however need to build a Simple Collection Net to catch those floating Palm Leaves as they come through your raft.

Where To Find Rope

You can get Rope without having to craft the item in the game. You can, for example, find Rope stashed in Barrels and Crates that are floating on the sea. You will need either a Hook to pull them to your raft or a Simple Collection Net to automatically catch all floating items.

Barrels and Crates are not guaranteed to hold Rope but they do give you several types of items instead of just one. There is hence a good chance that you will eventually find Rope inside one of the floating Barrels or Crates.

You can also find Palm Leaves inside them, which can then be used to craft Rope.

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