How To Get Metal Ingot In Raft

Raft is all about gathering and crafting to survive on the open sea. Among several crafting resources is metal ingots which are used in several important crafting recipes that you will need to survive in the endgame.

However, you will not find metal ingots just sitting on an island. You will need to first find metal ores to mine and then smelt them into metal ingots. The following guide will show you how.

How To Craft Metal Ingots In Raft

The first step to getting metal ingots is to find metal ores that are notably on the walls of islands below sea level.

You’ll have to swim your way underwater to mine metal ores and hence, make sure to bring enough oxygen supply for the journey. You can also choose to have flippers with you as some metal ores might be very deep underwater.

Metal ores are usually found in groups, meaning that you will potentially come across two or three metal ores at once. To mine or extract them, you will need a Hook.

Once you are ready, start swimming your way around the islands to spot metal ores on their submerged walls.

Note that you will require a lot of metal ores to craft metal ingots from the mid to the endgame.

When you have obtained enough metal ores, you need to craft them into metal ingots by using a smelter. The smelter itself needs to be fueled by planks. Take note that the smelting process takes roughly 80 seconds to produce a single metal ingot.

How To Use Metal Ingots

There are various uses of metal ingots. You can use them to craft tools such as shear and a shovel. You can also use metal ingots to craft weapons such as a metal spear, a machete, or a metal arrow. Most importantly, you’ll need metal ingots to strengthen your foundation.

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