How to Get Vine Goo in Raft

Crafting is crucial in The Raft and one of the main ingredients for a lot of the craftables is Vine...

Crafting is crucial in The Raft and one of the main ingredients for a lot of the craftables is Vine Goo. Though a common requirement, getting Vine Goo is one of the hurdles players face. With the new version 1.0 out for The Raft, a refresher course on how to get Vine Goo and what exactly is its purpose is something that we all need.

How to Get Vine Goo in Raft

Vine Goo is rarely found in crates and Loot Boxes around Islands, or those found underwater. However, seeing how much Vine Goo you will need for all your crafting, just depending on looting Vine Goo won’t be viable. Thus, we recommend that you also get your own Vine Goo production going on to get a steady supply of Vine Goo.

All you need to do is to get some Seaweed and put it in the Smelter to make yourself some Vine Goo. You need 1x Seaweed to create 1x Vine Goo. You also need to put Planks in the smelter to make it work, so planks are also necessary even though they aren’t part of the recipe for Vine Goo.

Finding Seaweed for making Vine Goo is very easy. Seaweed is found all around Island Shores and even found floating in the open waters. You can also find plenty of seaweed around coral Reefs in the water. You can get a lot of Seaweed in a single run to an island, even to last you for days.

Just put your seaweed in the smelter along with a few planks as fuel and you will start making Vine Goo. Each Vine Goo takes 50 seconds to be crafted, you make sure you have enough planks to keep your smelter running.

In case you don’t have a smelter, you need 4 Planks, 6 Dry Bricks, 4 Scrap and 6 Nails to make one in your inventory.

Uses of Vine Goo

Vine Goo is used in the crafting of various items. You need Vine Goo to create Empty Bottles, that allow you to carry fresh water, Circuit boards that you need later in the game for crafting, Oxygen tanks that let you stay underwater for longer durations and flippers allowing you to swim faster and to deeper waters.

These items are crucial as they allow you to get to a lot of late-game items like copper, iron and other things that you need to harvest for the late game. We recommend that you start hoarding Vine Goo as fast as possible.

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