How to Get Explosive Powder in Raft

In Raft, you’ll be relying on a variety of different materials to progress through the ranks; one such material is Explosive Powder, which you’ll need from time to time. You’ll need Explosive Powder for crafting fireworks rockets or for making Net Canisters to capture and tame Livestock. This guide will show you how to obtain Explosive Powder in Raft, so read on to find out.

How to Get Explosive Powder in Raft

In Raft, you can’t find Explosive Powder on normal islands. So, if you’re seeking out Explosive Powder, you’ll have to come to one of the green islands discovered through your Reciever.

Once you get to the green island, you’ll want to jump into the water and find the Poison-Puffer fish. The Poison-Puffer will provide you with Explosive Goo. But, before you rush for the Poison-Puffer, keep an eye out for sharks in the water. You must first take care of them before proceeding to the Poison-Puffer.

With the sharks out of the way, all that remains is to locate and kill the Poison-Puffer in order to obtain the Explosive Goo. Who minds an extra reward! You’ll also get the cool Poison Puffer Head in addition to the Explosive Powder.

Killing a Poison-Puffer is a simple task; simply hit it three or four times with arrows and it’ll do the trick. Once you’ve obtained the Explosive Goo, it’s time to head back to land. Return to the Island and put the Explosive Goo into the Smelter to obtain the Explosive Powder. Simple as that!

It is rare but you might also be able to get some Explosive Powder by digging up suitcases and safes throughout the game world.

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