How to Get Explosive Powder in Raft

This guide will show you how to obtain Explosive Powder in Raft to help you make rockets and progress in the story.

In Raft, you’ll be relying on a variety of different materials to progress through the ranks. One such material is Explosive Powder which you’ll need from time to time.

You’ll need Explosive Powder for crafting fireworks rockets or for making Net Canisters to capture and tame Livestock. This guide will show you how to obtain Explosive Powder in Raft, so read on to find out.

How To Make Explosive Powder In Raft

In Raft, the main raw material you need to craft the Explosive Powder is Explosive Goo which is obtained by fighting and killing the Poison-Puffers. These fishes are small, yellow in color and a type of enemy and threat in the game.

That being said, keep an eye out for sharks before rushing in for the Poison-Puffers. With the sharks out of the way, all that remains is to locate and kill the Poison-Puffer in order to obtain the Explosive Goo. You’ll also get the cool Poison Puffer Head in addition to the Explosive Powder.

Once you have obtained the Goo to craft the Explosive Powder, the last thing you need for the said purpose is a Smelter. You will need 4x Board, 4x Scrap, 6x Dry Brick, and Nails to make the smelter.

After acquiring the Smelter, put the Explosive Goo in it and add the boards to the furnace. Now sit back and relax until your powder is finally ready. It is rare but you might also be able to get some Explosive Powder by digging up suitcases and safes throughout the game world.

Where To Find/Kill Poison-Puffers

The Green Islands in the game comprise Caravan Islands, Shipwreck Island, Large Tropical Island, and Desert Biome Island. To find the Poison-Puffers, you will have to travel to one of these islands and then search underwater for these dangerous fishes.

Killing a Poison-Puffer is a simple task and the best way to kill them is by using the spear and bow. If you are using a spear, then first go near them to get their attention then quickly stab and then get behind to maintain distance from them. Fighting from a distance is the safest way to kill them. Repeat this and keep stabbing them until you get rid of all of them.

The bow is a better option than the spear as it enables you to keep your distance from them. However, your attack speed is greatly reduced underwater. Simply, hit it three or four times with arrows and it’ll do the trick.

Another way is to get their attention and then move to shallow water. Once you get out of it, the fish will not attack you and leave. Wait until it is at a distance, then enter the water and attack it again. Keep repeating this until all they are dead.

Explosive Powder Uses

This item is researchable by using a Research Table where new items appear that can be crafted after researching and adding specific material to it.

Furthermore, Caravan Islands have makeshift rockets for which the powder acts as fuel. This item is also used in the crafting of several tools such as Fireworks and weapons like Net Canister.

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