How To Make, Store, Use Biofuel In Raft

This guide will explain everything in detail from how to make, store, and use Biofuel in Raft.

Crafting is the heart and soul of a survival game. Collecting raw materials, crafting, and using is what keeps the player engaged but now and then you come across an item that you can’t figure it how to craft. Biofuel in Raft can be one of those tricky items that can get you stuck but don’t worry as this guide will explain everything in detail from how to make, store, and use Biofuel in Raft.

How To Make Biofuel In Raft

Biofuel is a kind of fuel that can be made by combining raw food and honey using the Biofuel Refiner in Raft. To obtain the blueprint which will be used to craft the Biofuel Refiner you will need to go to the Ranger Station on Balboa Island.

After getting the Biofuel Refiner blueprint, go to your research table and learn how to make the Biofuel Refiner. You can use the following materials to craft the Biofuel Refiner:

  • 12x Plastic
  • 10x Plank
  • 4x Rope
  • Bolt
  • Hinge

You can also make the Advanced Biofuel Refiner with 20x Plastic, 8x Metal Ingot, 6x Titanium Ingot, 2x Bolt, and 2x Hinge. Compared to the basic Biofuel Refiner, the advanced refiner produces more fuel at a time. It also can be connected directly to your pipes so that you do not have to manually pick up each Biofiel every time.

Once you have the Biofuel Refiner, you will need raw food and honey which will be converted into Biofuel. Raw food can be collected from different types of sources.

Honey can be obtained by using six honeycombs and 1 glass which will give you 2 units of honey.

The baseline requirements to make 1 unit of Biofuel depend upon the type of food that you are using. For example, the potato has the lowest quality among all other food items so you will need at least 20 potatoes and 1 unit of honey to make one 1 unit of Biofuel.

The higher the quality of the food, the lesser amount you will need to make 1 unit of Biofuel. Once you have the necessary raw food and honey, you can just load all of the material into the Refiner.

The refiner can hold raw food worth 2 units of Biofuel, but it can only hold one unit of honey at a time and needs to be restocked when the refiner outputs 1 unit of Biofuel for it to make the second unit of Biofuel.

The estimated wait time for 1 unit of Biofuel is 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

How To Store Biofuel

The engine in Raft Survival Game has got fuel capacity of 50 but 1 biofuel has a fuel value of 60 which means if you put the fuel directly into the engine, we will lose 10 value worth of fuel. To stop that we need a Biofuel Tank.

Biofuel Tank is used to store Biofuel and can be connected to the engine using pipes and will supply the engine with fuel constantly. 1 Biofuel Tank be filled using 4 Biofuel Cans from the Biofuel Refiner.

The Biofuel Tank can be crafted by first researching it at the research table from the blueprint. Once you have researched it, you will need the following items to craft it.

  • 25x Plastic
  • 10x Planks
  • 6x Scraps
  • 2x Bolts

Once crafted, place it on a steady surface and don’t move it after you have filled it with Biofuel because moving a filled tank will result in loss of fuel. Just connect it with the engine or battery using pipes and your work is done.

How To Use Biofuel

You have the Biofuel Refiner and the Biofuel Tank now, what to do after that? You might have figured it out that you cannot connect the Refiner and the Tank using pipes nor can you put the refiner on top of the tank.

Now what you have to do is to put the required items in Biofuel Refiner and wait for the fuel to be made. Once the process is completed a filled can will be at the front of the Refiner.

You can pick the can up and empty it in the tank and the tank will supply it to whatever device you have attached it to.

Best Biofuel Setup

You will quickly realize that producing Biofuel is a painstakingly lengthy process. You will be running back and forth to get the required items and picking up Biofuel to keep production going.

You can make the process better and reduce a lot of time by building the following items per engine:

  • 2x Biofuel Tanks
  • 1x Advanced Biofuel Refiner (or 4x Biofuel Refiners)
  • 8x Medium Crop Plots (Watermelons)
  • 2x Beehives
  • 4x Small Crop Plots (Flowers)
  • 1x Scarecrow

Place the Small Crop Plots next to the Beehives. Place the Scarecrow as needed. The rest of the setup will function as planned and you will no longer have to run back and forth. You can instead spend the time doing other chores.

Note that you can expand this Biofuel setup if you have multiple engines.

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