Persona 5 Strength Confidant (Twins) Guide

The Twins Confidant in Persona 5 is unique compared to the other Confidants in the game because it requires the player to fuse different...

The Twins Confidant in Persona 5 is unique compared to the other Confidants in the game because it requires the player to fuse different Personas to progress through its levels. Unlike the other Confidants, which primarily involve socializing and dialogue choices, the Twins Confidant requires a more hands-on approach and stresses spending a chunk of your gameplay time in the Velvet room.

To pursue the Confidant, you must fulfill the requests from Justin and Caroline (the Twins) to boost their Confidant and strengthen your bond with them in Persona 5. This mainly requires having access to a wide variety of Personas to fuse.

However, you can rest assured the rewards are also well worth it, as you will get access to some of the strongest Personas in the game and gain valuable experience in the process.

In this guide, we will focus on effectively progressing through the Strength Confidant and maximizing its benefits.

How to unlock Strength Confidant in Persona 5

This Twins Confidant initiates spontaneously on May 18, when the protagonist receives fusion requests from the Velvet Room Twin Jailers. Whenever you decide to advance the Strength confidant, head to the Velvet Room using its entering locations: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Kichijoji, Akihabara, Mementos, or a palace entrance.

Bear in mind that you must have gone through the game storyline considerably to maximize the Twins Confidant, as without the gameplay progress, you cannot acquire Personas that are needed to fuse in the Velvet Room.

Where to find the Twins and their availability

The Twins, Justine, and Caroline will be available at the door entrance of the Velvet Room, which is accessible by visiting the Shibuya station (also in Shinjuku and Akihabara) and selecting the Velvet Room option from the map.

Remember that the Strength confidant is only available during specific times of the day, usually during the evening in Persona 5 Royal. Additionally, the Confidant is unavailable on certain days, such as during story events or holidays. You must check the in-game calendar to see when the Confidant is available.

Confidant abilities

RankAbility NameInformation
1Group GuillotineIt enables to fuse of three Personas at once through a particular technique. This increases the number of potential Personas you can have.
3LockdownIt enables you to keep Personas in Lockdown to get additional Resistance skills
5Special TreatmentAn important rank to reach, as it allows paying extra for a Persona for which you do not currently have a level yet.
8Guillotine BoosterThis ability enables you to do a unique fusion of 4 Personas at once
10VIP TreatmentNot anything cutting-edge and simply reduces the cost of Special Treatment. It is useful but not game-changing.

Fusion requirements for each rank

Rank 1: Jack Frost with Mabufu

For this Rank, the Twins demand Jack Frost with Mabufu in Persona 5 Royal. The fusion recipe for this is quite simple.

  • Arsene + Agathion = Succubusa
  • Succubs + Pixie = Cait Sithax
  • Cait Sith + Regent = Jack Frost w/ Mabufu (As Regent has Mabufu, you do not need to level up for this skill, just pass it down to Jack Frost)

You can alternatively get Jack Frost from Madarame Palace.

Rank 2: Ame no Uzume with Frei

For this fusion recipe, you need to perform the sequence below:

  • Pixie + Cait Sith = Incubus
  • Incubus + Jack-o’-Lantern = Berith
  • Incubus + Berith = Hua Po
  • Hua Po + Berith = Suzaku
  • Berith + Suzaku = Ame no Uzume w/ Frei (Suzaku has Frei naturally, so it passes it down to Ame no Uzume)

Rank 3: Flauros with Tarukaja

The 3rd Ran requires Flauros with the skill Tarukaja, which will take a triple fusion of Berith, Orobas, and Eligor. The recipe sequence for this is as follows:

  • Berith + Regent = Orobas
  • Arsene + Suzaku = Angel
  • Jack-o’-Lantern + Angel = Eligor
  • Berith + Orobas + Eligor = Flauros w/ Tarukaja

Rank 4: Phoenix with Counter

For Rank 4, you need Phoenix with Counter. The Fusion of Yaksini and Oni will be required for this. To get both of them, do as follows.

  • Hua Po + Jack-o’-Lantern = Yaksini
  • Arsene + Angel = Kodama
  • Kodama + Flauros = Oni
  • Yaksini + Oni = Phoenix w/ Counter (Both the fusion Personas have Counter skill, so Phoenix inherits it from them)

Rank 5: Setanta with Rakukaja

Lamia naturally possesses the skill Rakukaja, so fusing her with Silky will yield Setanta w/ Rakukaja.

  • First: Jack-o’-Lantern + Agathion = Silky
  • Suzaku + Kaguya Picaro = Lamia
  • Silky + Lamia = Setanta w/ Rakukaja

Rank 6: Neko Shogun with Dekaja

Rank 6 will also require a Triple fusion, including Sudama, Kodama, and Anzu. To get these three, do the sequence below.

  • Regent + Agathion = Slime
  • Slime + Oni = Sudama
  • Flauros + Ariadne = Anzu
  • Sudama + Kodama + Anzu = Neko Shogun w/ Dekaja

Rank 7: Lachesis with Tetraja

This is quite a simple and easy fusion. Just fuse Thoth with Anzu, and you will get Lachesis w/ Tetraja, as Anzu already has this skill.

  • Ariadne + Jack Frost = Principality
  • Principality + Ariadne Picaro = Thoth
  • Thoth + Anzu = Lachesis w/ Tetraja

Rank 8: Hecatoncheires with Masukunda

Masukunda is Anzu’s natural skill, so fusing him with Andras will easily yield the desired Hecatoncheires.

  • Hua Po + Thoth = Andras
  • Andras + Anzu = Hecatoncheires w/ Masukunda

Rank 9: Bugs with Samarecarm

It is a triple fusion. Hariti gets Samarecarm at level 41, so if you already started the Empress Confidant, it should already level up to 41. Alternatively, sacrificing something in the gallows can do the task also.

  • Izanagi Picaro + Oni = Pisaca
  • Eligor + Izanagi = Jikokuten
  • Jikokuten + Ariadne = Hariti
  • Pixie + Pisaca + Hariti = Bugs w/ Samarecarm

Rank 10: Seth w/ High Counter

We have already made Thoth. Kaguya Picaro has High Counter, so you can fuse her with Asterius Picaro and get Horus.

  • Kaguya Picaro + Asterius Picaro = Horus (w/ High Counter)
  • Jack Frost + Kodama = Isis
  • Pixie + Angel = Anubis
  • Thoth + Horus + Isis + Anubis = Seth w/ High Counter

This is the easiest way to make Seth. Maxing out the Twins Confidant will allow the fusion of Zaou- Gongen, a powerful Persona in P5R.

Persona 5 Royal Twins special hangout event

Special Hangout Events are specific events exclusively available in P5R. These events are associated with Twin Confidant Justine and Caroline in Persona 5 and unlocked on June 6.

You will receive Sill Cards as a reward for hanging out with both Velvet Room Twins.

LocationAvailabilityUnlock ConditionsSkill Card
Big Bang Burger6/6 to 12/19NoneMaragi and Mabufu
Movie Theater6/7 to 12/19Visit the location at least once.Frei and Psi
Training Gym (Shibuya)6/15 to 12/19Visit the location at least once.Apt Pupil and Counter
Church (Kanda)6/25 to 12/19NoneSamarecarm
Aquarium (Shinagawa)7/26 to 12/19NoneMasakukaja and Masukunda
Sky Tower (Asakusa)7/26 to 12/19NoneTarukaja, Rakukaja, and Sukukaja
Miura Beach9/2 to 9/29Visit the location at least once. 
Unavailable on rainy days.Growth 2  
Maid Cafe9/19 to 12/19Visit the location at least once.Tetraja, Dekunda, and Dekaja
Destiny Land10/1 to 12/19Other than rainy days.Tetrakarn
Museum (Ueno)10/1 to 11/3NoneRegenerate 3
LeBlanc Cafe11/25 to 12/19NoneHigh Counter
Underground Mall12/1 to 12/9NoneHeat Riser
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